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Zion 2009


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Based on RL Israel, Palestinian Territories and parts of Jordan and Lebanon.

Zion is a multiethnic and secular republic with a sizable Jewish population with Muslim, Christian, Druze and Zoroastrian communities.


Forward (centrist)

National Party (center-right)

Labour (center-left)

Agrarian Green Party (left-green)

Zion Party (Jewish Religious Party)

Justice Party (Moderate Islamic party)

Front for Change (Russian Jewish party)

Any thoughts and any idea for a good map and issues?

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  • Amir Adato
  • Lea Itzik
  • Reuven Peretz
  • Roni Pines-Paz
  • Shaul Rivlin
  • Uzi Solodkin

National Party

  • Binyamin Bar-On
  • Hana Edri
  • Lia Landau
  • Majalli Livni
  • Ophir Nass


  • Dalia Barak
  • Ehud Ben-Eliezer
  • Marina Mofaz
  • Orit Noked
  • Rachel Peled

Agrarian Green Party

  • Yossi Tamir

Zion Party

  • Yaakov Sweid

Justice Party

  • Bahjat al-Bakhit
  • Faisal al-Fayez
  • Samir Faraj al-Ghul
  • Tawfik Hashem
  • Unis Jumaa
  • Zaid Sarraj
  • Ziyad Urayqat

Front for Change

  • Yuli Wahabi

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GOP Progressive,

I am interested to work on this one. How many regions do you think the map should have?

Also, a friend a mine translated for me the party names in Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic:





National Party

המפלגה הלאומית

לאַנדיש פארטיי





اليد العاملة

Agrarian Green Party

אגררית מפלגת הירוקים

אַגראַריאַן גרין פארטיי

الزراعي حزب الخضر

Zion Party

ציון המפלגה

ציון פארטיי

حزب صهيون

Justice Party

מפלגת הצדק

גערעכטיקייט פארטיי


Front for Change

החזית שנה

פראָנט פֿאַר טשאַנגע

الجبهة من أجل التغيير

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