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Cyberland 2008


What game should I make it for?  

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  1. 1. Which game should I make it for?

    • PMF Britain
    • PMF Australia

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Cyberland, Cyberia's "Conservative Cousin" is holding its federal elections in the fall of 2008. Cyberland is a Caribbean-themed micronation with a Parliamentary system based on the Westminster model with preferences as per Australia. Will the center-right Christian Democratic government be re-elected or fall to its opponents on the left?


Black 50%

Mixed 33%

White 17%


Evangelical Protestant 40%

Roman Catholic 30%

United Church 15%

Other Christian 5%

Christian 90%

Rastafarian 9%

None 1%

Non-Christian 10%


Christian Democratic (Center-Right/Right, Christian Democratic & Conservative party)

Labor (Center-Left/Left, Social Democratic party)

United Future (Center/Center-Left, Liberal party)

Solidarity (Left-wing Populist/Nationalist party with some culturally conservative tendencies)

One Nation (Right-Wing party to the right of the Christian Democrats)



Business Regulation


Cyberia Relations

Energy Independence


Fiscal Policy



National Security


Public Health Reform

Religion and State

Schools and Universities



War on Terrorism











Saint Marks and Toruga

New Providence



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Solidarity (Left-wing Populist/Nationalist party with some culturally conservative tendencies)

I don't understand this, as in Scotland and Quebec, Solidarity is more and less a VERY left-wing, feminist and ecologist party. Also, I know that many former communists or Maoists are in the party.

So, it is some sort of agrarian, aboriginal-rights and rural-rights radical party?

I would also maybe also add a another right-wing party because there is no right-wing alternative to the Christian Democrats.

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@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5


Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortions.

Legalize abortion but keep it safe and rare.

Leave the issue of abortion up to the various regions.

Abortion is wrong. No change to current legal status.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortion!


//Business Regulation

Impose maximum wages for CEOS. People come first, not profits.

Greater regulation of business and trust-busting of monopolies.

Balanced approach to regulation and business prosperity.

Laissez-faire attitude towards markets. Reduce regulation of business.

Monopolies are beneficial and efficient, encourage mergers.



The Commonwealth is a legacy of British imperialism.

Exit the Commonwealth and establish an elected President.

Remain in the Commonwealth, but elect our own Executive.

Preserve Commonwealth membership. Stronger ties to UK.

Independence was a mistake. Seek to rejoin the UK.



Concede disputed territories to Cyberia. Peace at any price!

Resolve the crisis through negotiation and compromise.

We should try to resolve this diplomatically, but be on guard.

We will tolerate no more insults from Cyberia.

Launch an immediate military invasion of Cyberia.


//Energy Independence

Renewable energy all the way. Switch off fossil fuel use immediately.

Encourage renewable energy sources. Exit from fossil fuels step by step.

Stay with energy mix and research all sources equally. Reduce subsidies.

Coal and oil are our main concerns right now, encourage their production.

Open up protected wildlife refuges and offshore coasts for drilling.



Cyberland must help stop global warming no matter the cost!

Global warming is a threat to Cyberland's existence.

Fight global warming, but balanced with economic growth.

Economic growth is more important than global warming.

Climate change is a hoax. There is no threat to the environment.


//Fiscal Policy

Deficit spending is necessary to pay for social welfare.

Spend budget surplus on social reforms and debt reduction.

Seek a balanced budget no matter the cost, pay down debt.

Use budget surplus for defense spending and tax relief.

Massive defense spending and corporate welfare despite deficit.



Scrap the GST and replace it with a wealth tax.

Scrap the GST and replace it with a Carbon Tax.

Reduce the GST to 4% and raise other taxes.

The GST is necessary to reduce the deficit.

Raise the GST to make up for tax cuts for the rich.



Abolish the military. Create a Ministry of Peace!

Reduce military spending, oppose any conscription.

Keep military spending as is. Promote national service.

Increase military budget. Bring back conscription.

Double the military budget, massive defense buildup!


//National Security

Repeal all current infringements on civil liberties. No Police State!

Oppose national ID cards. Repeal post-2001 Anti-Terrorism Laws.

Current security measures are sufficient.

Support a national ID card program. Expand security powers.

Civil liberties must be scaled back to answer security threats.



Launch a War on Poverty to develop a welfare state and end poverty.

Work to end child poverty through new social programs and benefits .

Extend unemployment and family benefits. Faith-based initiatives.

Lower taxes to ease poverty along with a "welfare to work" program.

Abolish all social welfare programs. Don't waste money on the lazy.


//Public Health Reform

Dramatically increase funding, end all private sector interference.

Increase funding. Reduce private sector involvement.

Health care benefits should be means-tested, but generous.

Promote more private delivery of health care costs and coverage.

Full privatisation and deregulation of health care services.


// Religion and State

Religions are superstitution and should be discredited by the state.

Our heritage needs to be secular. Scrap religious school funding.

We should keep a healthy relationship between church and state.

We need to keep a Christian heritage. Support religious schools.

Declare Christianity the state religion. Expel all unbelievers.


// Schools and Universities

Introduce free tertiary education. Massive funding increase.

Increase funding for public education, reduce university fees.

Increase education funding, consider school reforms.

Promote school vouchers as an alternative to public schools.

Mass privatisation of Education. Reduce education funding.


//Tax Policy

Redistribute income from the rich to the poor.

Raise taxation on the wealthy and corporations.

Close loopholes, moves towards more progressive rates.

Keep the flat income tax. Reduce it if possible.

Abolish the corporate and estate taxes.



Abolish all visa restrictions. Allow unrestricted immigration. Open borders!

Lift most visa and border restrictions to promote tourism.

Go ahead with investments in hotels, hostels, attractions, and resorts.

Maintain a pro-business climate to encourage tourism.

Abolish labor regulations that inhibit the tourist industries.


//War on Terrorism

Terrorists are fighting the imperialist policies of the West.

Reduce military operations, focus on humanitarian solutions.

Focus on improving arms control, diplomacy, and intelligence.

We should not hesitate to use military force against terrorism.

War is the only option when dealing with terrorist scum.



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The campaign is very long, and the candidates seem to have a lot of CPs. It's very fun otherwise - I'm finding it difficult as the governing party to stagger the big endorsements in such a way that actually benefits my campaign, as opposed to having useless +20 momentum with no undecided voters and positive momentum for my opponents!

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A few things: you have to have a moderately long campaign to get 4 crusaders, and I like elections that are long enough so I can get 4 crusaders.

Well the key to impact endorsers to benefit you is to sweep away as many of them as you can by diverting CP, while pounding your opponent with negative ads on say...major issues which they are vulnerable or attacking a weak attribute (all candidates/party leaders in the game have a weakness, it annoys me when candidates/party leaders are shown as perfect in all attributes).

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I've played this twice as Labor under the default leaders, and i have to say it's very challenging, as you have said there's a way to win it. I would prefer though, the polling day wasn't just 1 day before the election night, as i already knew i was going to lose despite getting my momentum up in the last week.

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I've played this twice as Labor under the default leaders, and i have to say it's very challenging, as you have said there's a way to win it. I would prefer though, the polling day wasn't just 1 day before the election night, as i already knew i was going to lose despite getting my momentum up in the last week.

How would I change this?

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