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Question on British Local Elections?


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Lol, yes Barking was done, but it would still be interesting enough on a ward-by-ward basis close-up. Respect are not defunct, they split into 2 not long ago, but reformed. Respect have done very well in the Tower Hamlets Council against Labour, and they have 3 councillors in Birmingham city council. There's also Havering, which has an odd council, with a large intake of independent councillors from various organisations.

There's Wyre Forest, the one i've been talking about where the group called the Independent Health Concern have 10 councillors and the Liberal (not Lib Dems)Party have 6, although the Conservative control the council

There's also Cornwall Councill which has 32 independent councillors, and 3 Mebyon Kernow Councillors. UKIP generally don't have much of a base on a local level. The BNP are concentrated in the North West and East London, but not to a great extent.

In Scotland and Wales, the local scene isn't as colourful especially Scotland, where much focus is on the 3 main parties and the nationalists. Welsh councils although have alot of independent candidates in some areas. In Scotland, the only thing of interest for minor parties i can think of right now, is the Scottish Greens have 5 councillors in Glasgow, and 3 in Edinburgh.

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