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I put some of my other projects on hold to work on Heigard 2012. Heigard is just west of Norway in the Atlantic Ocean with a population of nearly 140 million. King Richard IV is working on making his country a constitutional monarchy. Heigard is now holding presidential elections.

I haven't got much of this done. All I really have is the map (which was going to be used in a scenario SaskGuy was making years ago) and some of the regional flags and stuff. Anyway, as far as political parties go, here they are:

-Heigard People's Party

-Communist Party

-Conservative Party of Heigard

-Fatherland Party of Norway

-Oxygen Earth Party

-Liberal Party

-Civic Conservative Party

-Monarchist National Party

-Slightly Silly Party


I got bored with this so if anyone wants to work on it or make it into a parliamentary election instead of a presidential vote, I can send you what I have. If you are interested, please leave your email.


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