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update+pirmaries vs prime minster forever


which would rather have done?  

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  1. 1. which would rather have done?

    • Update+pirmaries
    • more prime minster forever

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Let's see more PM Forever. After UK, how about Netherlands, Denmark, France, Russian Duma, New Zealand (although that's a PR system I know).



I'm trying to create a Danish scenario at the moment, and I remmeber reading someone was making (have made?) a Dutch scenario too :)

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As somebody who likes to explore alternative scenarios (Like municipal elections, shareholder votes, etc.), the PM Forever model is a bit more useful to me because of the riding system, but I don't have a preference either way.

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Speaking as a Brit. I'd prefer to get the British Version of PM Forever. I like the scenario of the UK Election for President Forever but I'd rather have an actual UK Election game, as we don't get games like this over here. As much as I love all the scenario's for President Forever I'd like a British i.e. Home Election game. Especially with the General Election early next year.


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We need some mechanism in the game which allows us to use different voting systems, and change between them. Once the UK is done, there's basically no more countries in the world which are covered by the single-member electorate system (apart from making US Congress scenarios). We could always do some for some small Pacific islands like PNG, Vanuatu, Nauru, but is that really where it's headed? If we can use PR, it opens up pretty much all of Europe.

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