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I am thinking about making a bank of fictional micronational scenario ideas for a future use and this especially for micronational scenarios for part of the world that were never made to date.

Zion-2008(Chancellor Forever)

Based on RL Israel, Palestinian Territories and parts of Jordan and Lebanon.

Zion is a multiethnic and secular republic with a sizable Jewish population with Muslim, Christian and Zoroastrian communities.


Forward/United Future (centrist)

National Party (center-right)

Labour (center-left)

Agrarian Green Party (left-green)

Zion Party (Jewish Religious Party)

Justice Party (moderate Islamic party)

Front for Change (Russian Jewish party)

San Theodoros-2008 (Canadian PM4E)

Based on the Adventures of Tintin fictional county.

After a long revolution which ended in 1978. San Theodoros had a long period of peace and prosperity.


Christian Democratic Party (centrist)

National Fatherland Party (right-wing)

Socialist Labour Party (center-left)

National Liberal Party (centrist)

Franconie-2008 (German Chancellor Forever)

Based on Belgium and Luxembourg this county with a french majority and a strong Flemish and German minority is having major problem with immigration and ethnic relations.


Parti Chrétien-Démocrate (Centrist)

Parti Social-Démocrate (Center-left liberal party)

Parti Liberal-Démocrate (Centrist)

Flemish Bloc (Right-wing Flemish nationalist party)

Écolo (Left-Green)

Sylboria-1989 (German Chancellor Forever)

County based on the amalgamation of the Adventures of Tintin Borduria and Syldavia. Had its first democratic elections in April 1989.

Democratic Forum (Centrist)

Royalist Party (Center-Right)

Law and Justice (Right)

Liberal Democrat (Centrist)

Communist Party (Left)

Workers Progressive Party (Left)

Any thoughts or other ideas?

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I like all 4 of the ideas, i like the Tintin theme and it would be nice to keep that in the candidates for those 2.

In sort of a relation to Tintin, i can suggest what could be a good Asterix theme one.

It would be Asterix Gauls versus Julius Caesar's Romans in elections for the whole of Gaul (France). Other opponents would include the German Goths (strong in East Gaul), the Normans (strong in Normandy, obviously!) and the Pirates. Of course the Romans will be the leading party. Could also include Britons, Belgians and Iberians (Spanish) participating as well.

The parties would basically be "The Gauls" and so on...

Of course, people would rather see a French Presidential Election before any of this!

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Two Roman scenarios where made earlier for PM4E.

However, I would also maybe add a Khaled scenario.


After a new constitutional monarchy regime which was proclaimed in 1980, Khaled become one of the main economic and political leaders in the Middle East.


National Democratic Alliance (Moderate centrist party, pro-West)

National Arabic Party (Moderate party based on the philosophy of Abdel Nasser)

Khaled Justice and Development Party (Moderate center-right Islamic party)

Social Progressive Party (Former center-left communist party)

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