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Ultimate 2008 Scenario

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For those who care I just wanted to say that I just sent in a new 2008 scenario (Ultimate 2008), that includes I believe the most candidate ever on a User-made Scenario. Candidates are:


Rudy Giuliani, Bill Frist,

John McCain, Chuck Hagel,

Bill Owens, Jeb Bush,

George Pataki, Colin Powell,

Condi Rice, Tim Pawlenty,

Mitt Romney, Gordon Smith,

Sam Brownback, Bob Taft,

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bob Ehrlich,

Mike Huckabee, George Allen,

Rick Santorum, John Sununu,

Haley Barbour, Kay Bailey Hutchinson,

Elizabeth Dole, Kenny Guinn,

Mark Sanford, Dan Quayle,

Lincoln Chafee, Dick Cheney,

Norm Coleman, Tom Delay,

John Ashcroft, John Ensign,

Rick Perry, Tom Ridge,

Donald Rumsfeld


Hillary Clinton, John Edwards,

Evan Bayh, Al Gore,

Rod Blagojevich, Mark Warner,

Russ Feingold, Phil Bredesen,

John Kerry, Howard Dean,

Wes Clark, Bill Richardson,

Bill Nelson, Mike Easley,

Harold Ford, Jr., Mary Landrieu,

Ed Rendell , Janet Napolitano,

Tom Vilsack , Joe Biden,

Kathleen Blanco, Mark Dayton,

Blanche Lincoln, Jon Corzine,

Ben Nelson, Tom Daschle,

Christopher Dodd, Jim Doyle,

Kathleen Seblius, Gavin Newsom,

Barack Obama, John Lynch,

Brad Henry, Dick Durbin,

Nancy Pelosi, Mark Pryor,

Harry Reid, Bill Bradley,

Zell Miller, Jennifer Granholm


Jim Gray, Richard Campagna,

Michael Colley, Michael Badnarik,

Gary Nolan, Aaron Russo,

Carla Howell, Ed Thompson,

Michael Cloud, Don Gorman,

Gary Johnson, Art Olivier,

Ron Paul

Independents (Green and Constitution party)

Pat LaMarche, Chuck Baldwin,

Matt Gonzalez Roy Moore,

David Cobb, Michael Peroutka,

Peter Camejo, Jim Clymer,

Winona LaDuke, Ezola Foster,

Alan Keyes

Hope you will all enjoy it!

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That's probably the best selection I've seen since HRC's United North America (currently my favorite scenario). Just goes to show you how wide open the field really is. Question though: are you assuming that the Constitution is amended to allow foreign-born citizens to run? I believe that not only is Arnie a foreigner but Jennifer Granholm as well.

Looks great!

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If any of you guys want I could e-mail it to you early, just leave your e-mail address. BTW it is a fairly large file. And RonnieRaygun04 to be honest I don't believe such an amendement will ever pass, but some of the other 2008 scenarios had Schwarzenegger in it so I decided to add him (and yes his full name does fit in this scenario).

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