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Canada 1984


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Is there are any interest to work on a reworked 1984 scenario based on Saskguy's 1988 scenario?

This election is very important for four reasons:

-The first government with support for every part of the country since many years as Mulroney has won a majority of votes and seats in all Canadian provinces.

-A very high participation rate.

-The total defeat of the Liberals since they have been to power during many years except for 1979.

-The fact that the Progressive Conservatives had done a fabulous breakthrough winning Québec by a landslide.


Progressive Conservative (50,03%)

Liberal (28,02%)

NDP (18,81%)

Rhinoceros (0,79%)

Parti Nationaliste du Québec (0,68%)

Green (0,21%)

Others (0,80%)

Independent (0,34%)

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