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I remember a North American scenario in planning a while back. I even did the Democratic Primary for it.

This map is not quite for what you think. I'll let slip a spoiler. I actually have plans for a series of scenarios I may do later on, after I've cleaned my queue a bit, set a significant number of years in the future which will include an expanded US election (using this map; I'll need to tack on a Puerto Rico, though), one for an EU election (probably using GOP Progressive's EU 2015 map), a Russia election, a Japan election, an India election, a Brazil election, an Australia-New Zealand fusion election, and Lunar and Martian colonial elections (China still remains undemocratic, and thus has no scenario of it's own, but is mentioned in several others' issues). These scenarios, when I actually get around to doing them, will have all fictitious candidates, though some more modern ones may be mentioned in regard to them as in; such-and-such is blank's descedent or such-and-such follows blank-style policies. The collection of scenarios will span all four game engines made by TheorySpark. I may require some help when I actually delve into this.

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On 5/26/2009 at 11:46 AM, Patine said:

Does anyone have the map for the old US-Canada union scenario for the old P4E 2004 game. TheorySpark seems to have stopped hosting those old scenarios. I'd greatly appreciate the help!

@victorraiders has it.

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