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Fictional US Parliament 2006


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This will be a quickie with an alternate US having a parlementary style system with 4 parties, however about 40-50% of candidates will be fictional.

These are the former PM:

John F. Kennedy (Liberal-Progressive): 1960-1964 and 1964-1968

Richard Nixon (National): 1968-1972 and 1972-1974

Gerald Ford (National): 1974-1976

Jimmy Carter (Progressive): 1976-1978

Ronald Reagan (National): 1978-1982 and 1982-1986

George H.W. Bush (National): 1986-1990 and 1990-1994

Bill Clinton (Progressive): 1994-2002

John McCain (Alliance): 2002-2006

INDEPENDANT AMERICAN PARTY (led by former Arkansas premier Mike Huckabee running in the Arkansas-North Riding): Basically is a socially conservative party which is from the fusion in 1980 of the State's Rights Party and the Dixiecrat Party which is strong in the south and in rural areas.

NATIONAL PARTY (led by former MP Bill First which is running is the Knoxville riding): Is a center-right fiscal conservative party.

ALLIANCE (led by MP Hilary Clinton which is running in Hudson Valley): The Alliance is a centrist ''alliance'' formed by some former members of the National and Progressive party who is thinking that their former party is having too many extreme views in some issues.

PROGRESSIVE (led by MP Howard Dean representing Vermont): The Progressive Party in having some rough times due to an internal crisis after the departure of former PM Bill Clinton in 2002.

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