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I am presently reworking the NY 2010 Governor scenario. I am throwing out Chuck Schumer for Eliot Spitzer (will be turned off) and more Republicans will be thrown in as well.

I am also working on a fixed Connecticut 2010, the present one has accuracy problems.

Most of all I would like a Florida. I live in Florida; I plan to make a scenario on the Governor and Senate race for 2010. Does anyone already have a Florida scenario I can work off of? I'll make one of my own sooner or later, but I keep seeing things about Florida here; I figured there is something already done.

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I could send you the scenario, though IMHO Mitt/Ruy's map is awful.

Well all I would like to see is how the map looks.

I have a map of all the counties already, but there is a lot of negative space on the screen and the state itself is rather scrunched. And perhaps the delegate counts.

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Warner '12, dwkulcsar, these maps are astounding. Is there any chance either of you could PLEASE make me a Georgia map and a Washington map, for my two planned gubernatorial scenarios? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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Georgia is not mapping easily, would you consider taking a map and taking some of the smaller counties as magnified?

That would definitely work. I might also suggest laying Georgia 'on it's side,' if you will, so that it spans the length of the map, instead of being scruched upright in half the map. This would allow the counties to be a bit bigger, at the cost of being slightly odd.

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These maps are great, dwkulcsar, thanks greatly! Though I have one problem. When I convert them from .jpg files to .bmp files, the shade of black in the county borders changes subtly so the game no longer recognizes counties as distinct regions. Is there anything you or I can do to fix that?

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I could probably release a Beta Florida tomorrow. I need to get endorsers completed but those are no big deal atm.

I again could use some issue variants on Tort Reform, Real Estate Crash, Tourism Growth, and Infrastructure? On the left-right spectrum?

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Nice, I can beta test it if you want!

Also, just wondering which map you will use?


For your issues, these are my ideas (from far-left to far-right):

Tort Reform

We should have an Accident Compensation Corporation as in New Zealand.

We must absolutely have a tort reform because there are just too many frivolous lawsuits these days.

We must reform the system to put a cap on costs and compensations.

Consider reforming the system because the tort system had some problems.

The system is fine, however we must have better rules.

The system is fine as it is right now.

Tort reform is a frivolous idea.

Real Estate Crash

FL The government should buy all the houses and nationalize the real estate business.

L The government should buy of the houses that were taken by the banks.

CL The government need to help the real estate market by having some control on mortgages to help stabilize the market.

C We need to have better rules to stabilize the real estate market and by establishing a public Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

CR We need to have a better system to help people affected by the subprime mortgages.

R The main problem was with the people who were buying those home who could afforded it.

FR There is a no real estate crash, this is just a conspiracy.

Tourism Growth

FL Tourism must be the number one priority in Florida. We must double our tourism infrastructure by 2012 and nationalize all hotels and theme parks.

L We must build more infrastructure and try to bring more tourism into Northern Florida and the Panhandle by building a new theme park in Pensacola.

CL We should encourage tourism by removing all the taxes that comes with restaurants, hotels and rental cars.

C Tourism is important and we must build new airports and renovate our existent airports.

CR Our tourism sector is going well these days, however we must built new hotel rooms.

R We should expand our Interstate system to help accommodate tourism.

FR Tourism growth is a good thing but these must be a role for the private sector.


FL We need to nationalize all the current infrastructure. The private sector is working against the people.

L We must have a second New Deal by building many big infrastructure projects in Florida.

CL We need to ameliorate the infrastructure in the state. The federal stimulus plan in a good way to start.

C The recession is a good time to build infrastructure which is important for the state such as roads, airports and parks.

CR We need to have better and more infrastructure such as parks, airports and roads in our state. Consider having 3P Projects to build these projects.

R We need to privatize some roads and airports because this is just too much for the state to pay.

FR Who needs public infrastructure? This is just a waste of taxpayers money!

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Okay, I am going to put up this as a beta. A major problem I have is I did not make the seats with the electoral college in mind.

If you run with Primaries, McCollum wins easily. Only marginally better in popular vote though. 49.5% to 49%, but the Electoral Vote is two to one!

If you run without Primaries, Sink wins easily. Winning 49% to 47%, but again winning two to one in the Electoral Vote

I am trying to make the map into this; I predict a tossup. (Purple is tossup, of course)


here is the beta: Link

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