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Hey everyone, Here is my idea for Santos- a set of Caribbean islands with Spanish, French and English heritage though also home to African and Asian peoples too. I'll be using the Cyberia/Cyberland

I'll start on this scenario once I get some initial work done on both Cyberland and Ayati.


Federal District=12

Mainly pro-MFD, except for a few banlieues which are SLP (Banlieues Rouges)


Mainly a conservative area with the MFD strong among the Whites and the PNA among the Blacks.


MFD stronghold with a few UPC pockets is some small cities.


The cities and towns are for the UPC with the majority of rural areas which are MFD. The SLP can target 2-3 seats.


A three way race between the MFA, PNA and UPC. Also, the SLP can target one to two seats in the banlieues.


Generally MFD but with some SSP ridings.

San Andreas=14

Two way race between the UPC and FPI. The SLP can target a few seats in the banlieues.


Bellwether area between the MFD and UPC.


Traditional stronghold for the FPI with some MFD support.

Puerto Espana=10

The support is generally divided between the MFD, UPC and FPI.


SSP all the way! One or two seats can be takeable from either the UPC or the SLP.


A generally center-right area with usually goes two way between the MFD and the UPC.


Support for the UPC in towns and the MFD in rural areas.


The support is generally for the UPC except in 2-3 ridings which are usually going for the MFD.


The PNA is strong in this region, with the FPI also strong.


A traditionally divided area between the UPC and the SSP.

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The problem in the banlieues comes from a lack of resources and economic inegalities, so we must invest more.

We must fight this problem, by a better integration of vulnerable residents in the banlieues.

The problem in the banlieues is important and we must find a way to find to help especially by closing the HLM which are considered insalubrious.

We must add more policeman to help fight crime in the banlieues, this problem is not only important in the banlieues but for the whole of the main cities in Santos.

We must have a Zero Tolerance law to fight crime in the banlieues and put a 11pm curfew to all young people under 18.

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Here is what I have so far:


Movement for Freedom and Democracy (MFD)- pro-democracy, pro-Alexandria conservatives

People's National Alliance (PNA)- anti-Alexandrian black nationalists

United Progressive Congress (UPC)- pro-democracy liberals and progressives

Front For Independence (FPI)- anti-Alexandria, pro-old regime hispanics

Samanian Sovereignty Party (SSP)- pro-sovereignty Samanian rights party

Socialist Labour Party (SLP)- former Communist Party


Alexandria Relations




Drug War

Economic Development

Esperanza Regime




Military Reform

Moral Issues

National Unity


Provinical Powers

Racial Tensions

Social Security







Federal District






Puerto EspaƱa


San Andreas

Terre Neuve





Mixed Race 38%

Black 30%

White 20%

Oriental 12%


Catholic 42%

Protestant 38%

Rastafarian 5%

Hindu 10%

Other 5%


English 50%

French 33%

Spanish 15%

Others 2%

@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

//Alexandria Relations

Demand an immediate withdrawl of Alexandrian War Criminals or total war against the Occupation.

We should stand up to Alexandrian imperialism. Push for gradual withdrawl of Alexandrian Troops.

We should maintain our friendship and ties to Alexandria, but be mindful of our sovereignty.

Alexandria liberated us from tyranny. Support treaty of alliance and Alexandrian military bases.

All Hail Emperor Edgard II! We should seek to become a Crown Colony of Alexandria.



We must atone for racist past policies! Redistribute wealth from the suburbs and rich cities to the Banlieues.

Greater social investment in the Banlieues. The rioters had valid grievances, and their complaints must be satisfied.

Improve integration of Banlieues into society. Improve housing and economic conditions.

Increase police presence in Banlieues. Any future riots must be put down by force. No giving in to demands of these rioters.

Place the Banlieues under martial law. Zero tolerance for rioiting and criminality, and mandatory curfews.



Minimal sentencing for criminals. Establish civilian review boards and diversity training for police offices.

Rehabilitation and prevention, not punishment for criminals. Oppose racist "law and order" hysteria.

Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. Put 100,000 more police officers on the street.

Create new elite gendarmerie squads, and harsher sentencing for violent criminals. Support a "Three strikes law."

Increase police surveillance and detention powers. Suspend due process and resurrect the death penalty.



Refuse to repay any foreign debt - it is odious and was stolen by the Esperanza regime anyway.

Default on foreign debt, repay some to creditors. Restore market confidence with sound policies.

Try to have debt cancelled, but renegotiate repayment schedules and economic aid from Alexandria.

Use export growth to repay our creditors. We need to protect our reputation to ensure low rates.

Debt repayment is our first priority. Downsize public sector and sell off natural resources.


//Drug War

End the war on drugs. Legalise cocaine, marijuana, meth, and heroin. Release arrested growers and addicts.

Limit foreign anti-drug activities. Decriminalise drug possession. Focus on "harm reduction" for users.

Pursue a balanced approach to drug war, with rehabilitation for addicts and alternatives for growers.

We need to win the Drug War, destroy crops and punish growers. Harsh sentencing for drug dealers.

Give drug dealers the death penalty and declare total war by unleashing the military upon the drug lords.


//Economic Development

Santos needs an "Alternative Economic Strategy" of a planned economy, autarky, and a tariff wall.

Focus on development of industry through protective tariffs. Prioritise domestic production and needs.

Promote sustainable development and a "green" diversified economy. Aim for a trade balance.

Pursue economic development through free trade and open markets. Promote export industries and tourism.

Supply-side economic policies will bring about economic prosperity. Seek to attract foreign capital at all costs.


//Esperanza Regime

Full amnesty for Esperanza and his junta and reinstate them to their army offices.

Demand international trial for Esperanza. No undue restrictions on political activity. Democracy applies to all.

Organise a speedy trial for Esperanza, but keep amnesty for his supporters as an option for peace.

Try Esperanza and his Regime before a special court. Prohibit former Regime supporters from holding office.

Execute Esperanza and all of his lackeys. Outlaw pro-Esperanza political groups.



The environment always comes first. Raise taxes on pollution and rubbish collections.

Environment is a priority. Increase environmental standards and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We must protect the environment. Support more recycling and tax incentives for being eco-friendly.

Open to environmentalism, but not an important issue now. We have more pressing matters at hand.

The environment is fine, cut down on recycling services to save money. Stop eco-bureaucracy.



The masses deserve a socialist command economy to create jobs and eliminate unemployment.

Support living wage legislation along with a public jobs program. Protect worker and union rights.

Support greater public funding for infrastructure and promote public-private investment in new industries.

Free trade, tax cuts, a more flexible labor market, and debt reduction will renew our economy.

Santos needs massive tax cuts, deregulation, and union-busting to promote economic growth.



Special rights for Spanish-speaking populations, while French should be our official language.

Special regional language rights should be applied. Increase bilingual standards.

French and English should be the predominant languages. Allow some multi-lingual services.

Allow provinces to end bilingualism if they don't need it. Encourage the English language.

English should be the only official language. Remove compulsory bilingualism.


//Moral Issues

Legalise same-sex marriage and taxpayer-funded abortions. Promote secular-humanism.

More rights for gays and lesbians. Protect reproductive rights. Defend tolerance.

No formal position on abortion and gay rights. Hold free votes on moral issues.

Protect traditional moral values through legislation. Support restrictions on abortion.

Make Christianity the state religion. Total ban on abortion and repeal homosexual rights.


//National Unity

Support full sovereignty for Samania. Consider independence from Santos.

Samania should be recognized as a "Distinct Society" within Santos.

Samania has valid grievances but we must protect our union first.

No distinct society status. Treat all provinces and citizens equally.

Samania should be placed under direct federal rule. That'll sort them out.



Support a univeral basic income coupled with guaranteed housing and a War on Poverty.

Increase welfare payments and greater income supports for the poor. More funding for public housing.

Support "faith-based initiatives," family benefits, and improving education to fight poverty.

Support lower taxes to reduce poverty along with a "welfare to work" program.

Abolish all social welfare programs. Don't waste money on the lazy. Let charity handle the problem.


//Provincial Powers

Significantly increase federal control. Reduce Provincial authority to promote uniform standards.

Provincial governments have their rights, but the federal government is superior.

Keep a cooperative relationship with the Provinces to make sure programs run smoothly.

Devolve some powers to the Provinces, with a future Constitutional limitation on Federal power.

Make provinces semi-autonomous powers with the right to secede if they wish.


//Race Relations

We must atone for our imperialist, racist past! Radical redistribution programs are necessary!

We should embrace a multicultural heritage, best showcasing our tolerance and diversity.

We must move forward as a "rainbow nation." Maintain current multicultural programs.

Multiculturalism only encourages division. Pursue national unity through shared values and traditions.

End political correctness and special rights for non-whites. Scrap all multicultural initiatives.


//Social Security

Massive investment in Social Security to create "cradle to the grave" welfare system.

Expand Social Security to secure universal healthcare. Increase basic provision.

Keep Social Security on sound fiscal footing. Extend health coverage to children.

Reduce Social Security provisions and promote private pensions and health insurance.

Enact full privatisation of Social Security. No government involvement in healthcare.



The guerillas are not our enemies, bring them into government.

Repeal harsh anti-terrorism laws and work to engage guerilla groups in talks.

We are prepared to negotiate with the terrorists under a cease fire

We should not hesitate to use police and troops to defeat the guerillas.

Defeat the guerillas and their Communist allies at all costs!


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Is Santos supposed to be a parliamentary democracy since a long time? (like RL Bermuda)

It was given independence in 1971 (and with a parliamentary tradition since 1910), but it succumbed to various authoritarian regimes since then (with a few brief democratic interludes)- so basically it's finally getting a democratic restart.

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Is it prosperous island (in the Caribbean sense) like the Barbados, Bermuda or the French Colonies in the West Indies?

Yes parts of it are but other parts have been fairly poor, but its once booming economy taken a huge hit thanks to an economic collapse resulting from the overthrow of Esperanza (Esperanza also was forced to undergo massive devaluation in 1999, and the resulting shambles led to his repression of anti-regime protestors- which forced an Alexandrian military intervention in 2000).

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Hey Treasurer,

The logos are a start, but not entirely what I had in mind.

The SLP logo would be better for FPI is pretending at least to be a socialist party.

I'd prefer somethign more Communist or far-left for the SLP.

As for the SSP, they're not a monarchist party- more like the Bloc Quebecois or Plaid Cymru or the SNP.

However, the FPI or SSP logos would be perfect for the MFD- since they're pro-Alexandria. I don't really like the dragon for the MFD, it just looks too...underwhelming. Either of the former logos would be better.

I'm mixed about the Olmec head for the PNA, I'd prefer you make it similar to the Nyarai NAM-PF logo. Actually, combine the NAM-PF logo with the PNA's Olmec head. That would be perfect.

Don't mean to make things difficult for you, I just think these logos would work better.

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