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Hey everyone,

Here is my idea for Santos- a set of Caribbean islands with Spanish, French and English heritage though also home to African and Asian peoples too. I'll be using the Cyberia/Cyberland map for it.


Mixed Race 40%

African 33%

Asian 15%

European 12%


Federalist Party (Conservative Party)

Liberal Party (Progressive-Liberal Party)

Labour Party (Social Democratic Party)

Green Party (Centrist, Green Party)

United Left (Left-wing Socialist, Communist Party)

Parti des Régions (Populist, Left-Nationalist Party)






Federal District





Puerto España



San Andreas

Terre Neuve




Alexandria Relations

Balanced Budget


Defense Forces

Drug Policy



Gun Control




Moral Issues


National Unity

Provincial Powers

Senate Reform

Social Security

Tax Policy

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I'm going to go ahead with the city council election for Santos. Will keep you updated as it progresses. Now I need to finish the issues.


Airport Expansion


Drug Policy




Government Ethics



Moral Issues




Public Services

Smoking Ban

Tax Reform


Urban Renewal


@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

//Airport Expansion

Implement an Airline tax and greater regulation on the airline industry.

Opposes airport expansion, focus on developing a high speed railhub instead.

Encourage airline companies to reduce flights and hold referendum on the issue.

Support airport expansion, invest in constructing a third runway.

Build a new airport in the suburbs, and relax regulation of airlines industry.



Minimal sentencing for criminals. Establish civilian review boards and diversity training for police offices.

Rehabilitation and prevention, not punishment for criminals. Oppose reactionary "law and order" hysteria.

Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. Put 1,000 more police officers on the street.

Create elite anti-gang squads, and harsher sentencing for violent criminals. Support a "Three strikes law."

Increase police surveillance and detention powers. Suspend due process and resurrect the death penalty.


//Drug Policy

Legalise all recreational drugs, including LSD and Ecstasy. Promote recreational drug use and drug-making cooperatives.

Preserve "harm reduction" policies. Methadone treatments for addicts and maintain legalisation of marijuana and cocaine.

Drugs a serious social problem. Tax currently legal drug use, and make greater efforts to reduce drug addiction.

Our current drug policies are an embarassment. Terminate "harm reduction" policies and outlaw marijuana and cocaine.

Round up drug addicts and throw them in prison. Execute drug dealers and producers. Repeal all rehabilitation nonsense.



Large increase in federal funding. Make free public education at all levels a municipal priority.

Increase federal funding for public schools and universities. Free tuition for undergraduate university study.

Targeted increases in school funding, more national standards. Moderate university tuition, merit-based scholarships.

National quality standards and competition. Greater accountability for schools. look at increasing tuition fees.

Full privatization of education from kindgergarten to university. Reduce education spending, replace with fees.



The environment always comes first. Raise taxes on pollution and rubbish collections.

Environment is a priority. Increase environmental standards and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We must protect the environment. Support more recycling and tax incentives for being eco-friendly.

Support market-based environmental incentives, and reduce environmental regulation.

The environment is fine, cut down on recycling services to save money. Stop eco-bureaucracy.



Gambling is our economic future. Abolish all restrictions on the industry and allow foreign companies to set up shop.

Support new Casinos. Full legalisation of gambling to create jobs and boost our economy. Minimum age at 18.

Referendum on Casino construction, set minimum gambling age at 21 and greater regulation of the industry.

Oppose Casino development. Gambling is a drain on the economy and a social ill. More restrictions on gambling.

Ban gambling altogether in the federal district. Shut down Casinos. Severe fines for violators.


//Government Ethics

Create a Department of Government Honesty. Complete overhaul of campaign finance and activites.

Create the office of Government Ombudsman and enhanced Government Accountability Act.

Favor term limits for Council Members. Prosecute officials under current laws.

Government transparency is fine the way it is. The scandal is overblown.

Repeal ethics reform, pardon officials, and increase Mayoral powers.



Massive public housing constructions and abolish rents. End homelessness now!

Long-term commitment: cap rents, and build 40,000 new council homes.

Mortgage tax relief and greaterincentives for homebuyers, promote smart growth.

Encourage low-interest loans for homebuyers, and relax planning laws.

Open up more areas to development, and lift regulations on housing market.



Establish a socialist economy to eliminate unemployment. Nationalise industries.

Establish a public jobs program, living wage ordinance, and public investment in new industry.

Reduce taxes for small business, raise minimum wage, and encourage new industries with tax incentives.

Reduce business taxation and deregulate industries to create jobs. No minimum wage increase.

Abolish business taxation, abolish the minimum wage, and promote a flexible labor market.


//Moral Issues

Legalise same-sex marriage and taxpayer-funded abortions. Promote secular-humanism.

More rights for gays and lesbians. Protect reproductive rights. Defend tolerance.

No formal position on abortion and gay rights. Hold free votes on moral issues.

Protect traditional moral values through legislation. Support restrictions on abortion.

Roll back the Sexual Revolution. Total ban on abortion and repeal homosexual rights.



We must atone for our imperialist, racist past! Radical redistribution programs are necessary!

We should embrace a multicultural heritage, best showcasing our tolerance and diversity.

We must move forward as a "rainbow city." Maintain current multicultural programs.

Multiculturalism only encourages division. Pursue national unity through shared values and traditions.

End political correctness and special rights for non-whites. Scrap all multicultural initiatives.



We should discourage Commercial sports too, and end all taxpayer support for sports programs.

The Olympic games are a waste of money, which should be spent on social programs and infrastructure.

Make Olympic bid only if public approves. Update the stadiums in line with green principles.

Make a bid to host the games, which will add billions to our economy and create thousands more jobs.

Give the Olympic Committee whatever it wants. Build new stadiums to revitalise the city economy.



Support complete legalisation of prostitution. Establish municipal brothels and prostitute's unions.

Decriminalise prostution and reform current laws. Regulate brothels to ensure "harm reduction."

Work to reduce prostitution through rehabiliation and step up efforts to halt sex trafficking.

Criminalise the purchase of sex. Crack down on prostitution, brothels, and the sex trade.

Support a nationwide roundup of all prostitutes. Put all these sexual deviants behind bars!


//Public Services

Re-nationalize several industries within the Federal District.

No public-private partnerships. Focus on public services instead.

Regulate public-private partnerships. Increase funding for services.

Encourage public-private partnerships for public services.

Fully privatize all remaining public services.


//Smoking Ban

Increase cigarette taxes significantly and ban smoking everywhere outside the home.

Smoking is bad for public heath, ban smoking in enclosed spaces, including bars.

Tobacco is a serious problem. Ban smoking in public spaces and buildings.

Oppose smoking ban because it will damage the economy and penalise the poor.

Lift most regulations on smoking and tobacco use. Abolish tobacco tax.


//Tax Reform

Increase property tax and add new taxes on wealth and pollution.

Reform property tax with progressive rates. Support a carbon tax.

Replace the property tax with a progressive local income tax.

Abolish the property tax and balance it with sales tax increases.

Abolish the estate tax too and pay for it with budget cuts.



Comprehensive mass-transit programme and limit automobile use. Raise taxes and charges.

Focus on improving the subways and bus systems. Pay for it with congestion charges.

Increase bus subsidies and provide free passes for elderly. Tax incentives for hybrids.

Scrap car tax. More funding for road building and maintenance. Reduce burden on motorists.

Abolish all taxes and regulations on automobiles. Promote car use instead of mass transit.


//Urban Renewal

Redistribute income and jobs from the wealthy neighborhoods and suburbs to the ghettos.

Renew our city through a War on Poverty and publically-owned industries.

Promote a "Cool City" Initiative to attract a tax base. Refurbish ghettos.

Support gentrification policies. Clear out slum dwellings with eminent domain.

Use police to empty the city of vagrants and bums. Send then to the banlieues!



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BTW, the main cities in Santos are Mont-Royal, Maisonneuve and San Andreas.

I would also maybe like to see Wal-Mart (new in Santos and wants to come in the city), Culture (libraries and such) and maybe Urban Sprawl as issues.

Could you write up the Wal-Mart issue? Urban sprawl is kinda included in the Housing issue with the smart growth part.

Could you write up a Arts & Culture Issue, I'll definately use it for Canada 2008.

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May add Tolls for the motorists on the Transport issues?

Arts & Culture (For your city)

We must double our funds to the Arts & Culture department of creating five new cultural events and opening four new libraries.

Arts and culture is a good thing for our vibrant city. We must better fund our public library system and especially the construction of the new Central Library downtown.

We such find a way to make our public library system more efficient, especially by opening new public library branches in fast-growing neighbourhoods. Also, our events in our city must be well funded especially to encourage tourists to come to the city.

Our public library system and cultural funding is fine right now. However, we must find a way to open fast a new main library to help resolve some of our existing problems culture-wise.

The private sector should play a more important role in the cultural sector. We must find a way for the city to better curb its spending and this with help from the private sector in culture.

Arts & Culture (For the 2008 Canadian election)

We should double the subventions that we give out to artists and to Crown Corporation devoted to culture.

Arts and culture is important. Give more funds to the Heritage Ministry, to CBC/Radio-Canada and to provincial public television networks (TVO, TFO, Télé-Québec and Knowledge) by a National Fund for Public Broadcasting.

We must encourage our artists, however current funding is appropriate, especially in tough economic time. However, we should reverse the Tories cuts.

The arts are very important, but the public must make it's part in all this because the government cannot do anything at one point. However, we must find a better way to fund ''popular culture'' for the common men such as our libraries and museums.

We should rethink the way that we say the public funding into arts and culture. For example, change the mandate of the CBC to a viewers-funded station like the PBS.

The Conservatives will be center-right.

The Liberals and Independents will be center.

The NPD, The Bloc and the Greens will be center-left.


Expel Wal-Mart from our city and its environs. It's economic terrorism.

Wal-Mart is bad for our economy. Keep it out of our city.

Require Wal-Mart to provide better wages and benefits for its workers.

Wal-Mart will provide greater economic growth with cheaper prices.

Encourage Wal-Mart to build in the city and the rest of Santos with generous tax incentives.

I also have a few other issues, especially on earlier municipal elections make for PM4E:


Aggressively pursue nearby cities for amalgamation.

Make amalgamation an official long-term policy goal of the city.

Amalgamate with willing cities only.

Establish a moratorium on amalgamation.

De-amalgamate the most recent acquisitions.

Electoral Reform

Direct democracy. Referendums on most matters.

Increase the size of council and bring in PR.

Replace FPTP with STV.

Introduce a citizen's panel to review the available options.

Stick to FPTP.

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Liberal: Ramsey Gladstone, Matthew Arguello, Portia Brown, Marc Césaire

Federalist: Jean Martin, Schuyler Hatcher, Penny Husbands-Bosworth, David Manning

Green: Evangeline Heaton

Labour: Henri Lefavbre

Left: Juan Carlos Sánchez

PDR: Réal Simard

@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

//Alexandria Relations

We should work with the Communist states to curb Alexandrian power.

We should stand up to the Alexandrian government more often.

Preserve our relationship with Alexandria but keep our distance.

Alexandria is our most important partner. Our ties must be closer.

All Hail Emperor Edgard II! Forge a customs union with them.


//Gun Control

Ban all guns, except hunting rifles and heavily regulate those.

Strengthen the gun registry. Support a ban on handguns.

Cap costs on the gun registry. Keep gun control as is.

Scrap the gun registry. Support firearm owners' rights.

Abolish restrictions on assault weapons. No gun control!



Establish a socialist economy to eliminate unemployment. Nationalise industry with closed shops.

Establish a public jobs program, living wage legislation, and public investment in new industry.

Reduce taxes for small business, raise minimum wage, and encourage new industries with tax incentives.

Reduce business taxation and deregulate industries to create jobs. No minimum wage increase.

Abolish business taxation, abolish the minimum wage, and promote a flexible labor market.



Special rights for Spanish-speaking populations, while French should be our official language.

Special regional language rights should be applied. Increase bilingual standards.

French and English should be the predominant languages. Allow some multi-lingual services.

Allow provinces to end bilingualism if they don't need it. Encourage the English language.

English should be the only official language. Remove compulsory bilingualism.



We must atone for our imperialist, racist past! Radical redistribution programs are necessary!

We should embrace a multicultural heritage, best showcasing our tolerance and diversity.

We must move forward as a "rainbow nation." Maintain current multicultural programs.

Multiculturalism only encourages division. Pursue national unity through shared values and traditions.

End political correctness and special rights for non-whites. Scrap all multicultural initiatives.


//National Unity

Support full sovereignty for Samania. Consider independence from Santos.

Samania should be recognized as a "Distinct Society" within Santos.

Samania has valid grievances but we must protect our union first.

No distinct society status. Treat all provinces and citizens equally.

Samania should be placed under direct federal rule. That'll sort them out.


//Provincial Powers

Significantly increase federal control. Reduce Provincial authority to promote uniform standards.

Provincial governments have their rights, but the federal government is superior.

Keep a cooperative relationship with the Provinces to make sure programs run smoothly.

Devolve some powers to the Provinces, with a future Constitutional limitation on Federal power.

Make provinces semi-autonomous powers with the right to secede if they wish.


//Senate Reform

Abolish the Senate and support a multi-member district system for Parliament.

Increase Senate powers and expand Senate to 48 seats. Allow direct election of Senators.

Establish an "Elected, Equitable, and Effective Senate." Increase Senate to 32 seats.

Keep the appointed Senate as is. The Senate's power must remain limited.

Grant the President the right to appoint Senators rather than the Prime Minister.


//Social Security

Massive investment in Social Security to create "cradle to the grave" welfare system.

Expand Social Security to secure universal healthcare. Increase basic provision.

Keep Social Security on sound fiscal footing. Extend health coverage to children.

Reduce Social Security provisions and promote private pensions and health insurance.

Enact full privatisation of Social Security. No government involvement in healthcare.


//Urban Renewal

Redistribute income and jobs from the wealthy suburbs to the banlieues. Establish an amnesty program.

Renew the banlieues through a War on Poverty, youth jobs program, and publically-owned industries.

Promote "Cool City" Initiatives to attract a tax base. Refurbish banlieues by promoting development.

Support gentrification policies. Crack down on banlieue gangs. Clear out slum dwellings with eminent domain.

Declare martial law in the banlieues. Use the gendarmerie and police to clear out these vagrants and criminals.



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All right, I've decided to redo Santos by tweaking it quite a bit. Having been inspired by Nyarai, this Santos election will occur in 2001 when the Esperanza regime is overthrown and replaced by a provisional government. Voters of Santos must elect a new government, similar to Iraq in 2005 or Haiti in 1994. I'll keep you all updated as it progresses.

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Here is what I have so far:


Movement for Freedom and Democracy (MFD)- pro-democracy, pro-Alexandria conservatives

People's National Alliance (PNA)- anti-Alexandrian black nationalists

United Progressive Congress (UPC)- pro-democracy liberals and progressives

Front For Independence (FPI)- anti-Alexandria, pro-old regime hispanics

Samanian Sovereignty Party (SSP)- pro-sovereignty Samanian rights party

Socialist Labour Party (SLP)- former Communist Party


Alexandria Relations




Drug War

Economic Development

Esperanza Regime




Military Reform

Moral Issues

National Unity


Provinical Powers

Racial Tensions

Social Security




Mixed Race 38%

Black 30%

White 20%

Oriental 12%


Catholic 42%

Protestant 38%

Rastafarian 5%

Hindu 10%

Other 5%


English 50%

French 33%

Spanish 15%

Others 2%

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Good! Will I have any credit on this one?

Looks pretty much like RL French Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago or Suriname in term of religious and ethnic composition.

If you could help me with candidates for one region, that would be wonderful.

And you will get credit for your help, of course.


Anyways, here is the map I have so far.

What should be the seat breakdown per region? There will be a total of 150 FPTP seats.

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