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Ok, I am thinking of working on the 2010 Ottawa,ON mayoral election.


Basically, the current mayor (Larry O'Brien) is right now being forced to step aside temporally due to corruption charges. An acting mayor (Michel Bellemare) is now in fonction for an undetermined period of time. One year ago, based on a survey by the Ottawa Sun Newspaper, O'Brien had an approval rating of 24%.

As there is no political parties in much of municipal elections in Ontario, there will be no primaries in my scenario:

Alex Cullen- Longtime municipal councilman for the Bay Ward and former provincial member of parliament. However, he can be considered too left-wing from many people in the city.

Larry O'Brien: Mayor elected in the 2006 election.

Diane Deans: Councilwoman since 1994.

Jan Harder: Councilwoman since 1997.

Peter Hume: Councilman since 1991.

Brian McGarry: Buisnessman and candidate for the Conservative Party in Ottawa Centre at the 2008 federal election.

Mauril Bélanger: Longtime popular federal MP and former federal minister from Ottawa-Vanier.

Jim Watson (OFF): Provincial Minister and MP and former mayor of Ottawa.

John Baird (OFF): Federal minister of Transport and MP for Ottawa-West-Nepean.

Michel Bellemare (OFF): Acting mayor since May 2009.

Alex Munter (OFF): Former councilman and Ottawa mayor candidate in the 2006 election.



Direct Democracy

Public Transportation

OC Transpo Strike


Rapid Transit and Downtown Tunnel


Budget Deficit


Gouvernment Honesty

Mayoral Power

Decentralization of power

Number of Councilman

New Stadium

Downtown Development

Municipal Political Parties

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