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Carrassian Assembly 2009


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The Free Principality of Carrassia is another RL micronation that I've decided to adapt. This one should be a little easier as it involves only 5 parties, 120 seats, and 9 regions instead of 6, 308, and 16 respectively. Basically Carrassia is a Mediterranean island nation with about 19 million people- it's kinda like a Mediterranean version of Belgium or Canada.

Ethnic Groups:

Italian 50%

French 33%

Spanish 15%

Other 2%


Roman Catholic 70%

Secular & Atheist 24%

Protestant 4%

Other 2%


People of Freedom (Alliance of Conservatives, Liberal Conservatives, and Monarchists)

Democratic Party (Merger of Socialist, Social Liberal, and Social Democratic parties)

Center Union (Alliance of Liberal and Christian Democratic parties)

The Left (Alliance of Communist, Green, and other Left-wing parties)

The Right (Alliance of Fascist and Nationalist parties)



Alexandria Relations

Business Taxes







Foreign Aid

Health Service



Muslim World

Pension Reform

Personal Taxes

Same-Sex Unions

Turaqistan War

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I absolutely love the idea of this scenario. However, I just have one suggestion. I think 19 million people might be a bit too much for a Mediterranean island nation. The largest island in the area is Sicily (with about 5 million), followed by Sardinia (with about 1.6 million), and Cyprus (with around 1 million). As well, many nations in Europe do not have more than 9 or 10 million people in larger areas than the various Mediterranean islands and nations. Obviously, it's your show, so your idea is the reality, but just a heads up. Other than that, it should be an excellent scenario (as always), and look forward to it. :)

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I absolutely love the idea of this scenario. However, I just have one suggestion. I think 19 million people might be a bit too much for a Mediterranean island nation. The largest island in the area is Sicily (with about 5 million), followed by Sardinia (with about 1.6 million), and Cyprus (with around 1 million). As well, many nations in Europe do not have more than 9 or 10 million people in larger areas than the various Mediterranean islands and nations. Obviously, it's your show, so your idea is the reality, but just a heads up. Other than that, it should be an excellent scenario (as always), and look forward to it. :)

Well keep in mind that the Mediterranean is the closest RL equivalent to Carrassia in the micronational world.

But thank you for those facts!

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This idea sounds neat! Do they have direct ties to Ocia!

Yes, many Carrassians love to pay tourist visits to Ocia, Ocia is also a major benificary of Carrassia's foreign aid projects, and in return Carrassia is an avid consumer of Ocian goods and manufactures. Carrassia is more conservative, due to its tradition of being a bulwark against Muslim invasions (ala Malta), greater individualism, and a strong entrepreneural tradition.

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Are the ethnic groups divided by regions or are they disposed equally?

Also, is Turaqistan also coming soon?

Yes, here are the regions and the majority ethnic group in parentheses:

Bourbon (French)

Savoy (French)

Kennia (Italian)

Mirlentaun (Italian)

Monte Grimaldi (Italian)

Castille (Spanish)

Monte Cristo (Italian)

Aragonese (Spanish)

Royal Islands (French)

No, I am not planning on doing a Turaqistan scenario but this is the site of a current bloody war with Rocentia, Carrassia, and New Brittanian troops fighting against Muslim rebels as well as Babhkan proxies (Babhka is the major Muslim nation in the RL micronational world).

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Foreign Aid

Health Service


International Affairs


Pension Reform


Rural Issues

Same-Sex Unions

Tax Policy

Turaqistan War


@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

// Abortion

Abortion should be the undeniable right of all women in all circumstances.

At least in the first trimester abortion should be available to all women.

Abortion should only be a legal option in the cases of rape, incest or life and after counselling.

Abortion is wrong. Make unlawful abortions punishable by up to twelve years in prison.

Abortion is murder. Criminalize women travelling abroad for abortions.



Combat the social problems that lead to criminal behavior. Minimal sentencing for criminals. Abolish "police state."

Increase spending on rehabilitation programs and establish curbs on police powers. Oppose law and order hysteria.

Comprehensive approach to crime: Put more police on the streets and rehabilitate less serious offenders.

Tougher punishments to deter crime, create an elite anti-crime squad and expand police powers and surveillance.

Zero tolerance approach to crime. Implement a national ID card. Restore the death penalty to punish heinous murders.



Abolish the military. Create a Ministry of Peace. Pacifism is our best defensive option.

Reduce military spending. Disband most ground forces. We must adhere to our traditional neutrality policy.

Leave military spending at current levels. Encourage enlistment. Focus on peace-keeping operations.

Increase defense budget to modernize the defense forces. Allow training with allied troops on Carrassian soil.

Launch a full-scale military rearmament program. Bring back conscription. Seek to become a superpower.



The government should run a fully planned economy to ensure both social equality and economic productivity.

Nationalise failing industries. Increase public spending to promote economic growth and protect jobs.

The economy should be free and competitive, but we need a public "green jobs" plan and a higher minimum wage.

Continue path of economic liberalisation to maintain economic growth. Take a hard-line against inflation.

Government intervention kills wealth creation. A fully free market is the only road to prosperity.



Large increase in federal funding. Make free public education at all levels a national priority.

Increase federal funding for all-day schools and universities. Free tuition for undergraduate university study.

Priority for school funding, more national standards. Moderate university tuition, merit-based scholarships.

National quality standards and competition. Provide school vouchers. Make university fees tax-deductible.

Full privatization of education from kindgergarten to university. Reduce federal funding of education.



The environment comes first. Equal rights for animals. Implement eco-taxes on pollution.

Protect the environment through stronger regulation. Promote animal welfare.

Support incentives for clean energy, some animal rights, and pollution prevention.

Relax environmental standards and regulations. The economy comes first.

Global warming is a hoax. Oppose radical animal rights agenda. Stop eco-bureaucracy.



Increase spending for family benefits, paid parents' leave, and extend benefits to same-sex couples.

Invest in child care, income-based family benefits. Make parents' leave more attractive.

Moderate increase in family benefits, qualified build-up of child care opportunities.

Combine family benefits with other benefits. Tax relief and incentives for families.

Revamp current family benefit policies to punish cohabitators, homosexuals and fornicators.


//Foreign Aid

Forgive all foreign debts. Reduce defense spending to pay for global anti-poverty programs. End poverty and oppression.

Devote 1.5% of GDP to foregn aid. Forgive select foreign debts. Encourage human rights and social justice abroad.

Increase foreign aid to 0.7% of GDP to relieve poverty. Promote democracy and human rights abroad.

Keep foreign aid as is. Encourage economic growth through open markets rather than public funds.

Reduce the foreign aid budget. We need the money at home. National interests come before humanitarian fantasies.


//Health Service

Dramatically increase funding, abolish private sector, and provide free dental and home health care.

Increase funding for health service, reduce private involvement, and expand coverage to include perscription drugs.

Increase funding to reduce waiting, make health service more efficient, and reduce perscription drug costs.

Establish maximum acceptable wait times, and more private delivery of health care services.

Fully privatize the Health Service. Promote private insurance companies along free market model.



Carrassia's future lies in multiculturalism. Relax immigration laws and allow unlimited refugees. Open borders!

More rights to asylum seekers, and import 1.5% of population per year. Fast-track immigrant families.

For immigration that our economy needs and genuine asylum seekers. Laws must be strictly obeyed.

Place strict quotas on immigration, especially from Muslim countries. Crack down on criminal asylum seekers.

Immigration is destroying Carrassia. Stop it now, and expel non-Christian immigrants. Close borders!


// Monarchy

Abolish the Monarchy and Aristocratic titles. Move towards a full Republic.

The Monarchy is outdated and needs to be relegated to a purely ceremonial role.

Keep the status quo with some limited powers for the Monarchy.

Grant the Monarchy increased veto powers and a greater role in foreign affairs.

Make Parliament an advisory body. Restore Absolute Monarchy.


//Pension Reform

Raise taxes to pay for public pensions for all. Index pensions with average earnings. No to private investment.

Increase funding for the public pensions and basic provision. Establish a guarantee for pension funds.

Reform the public pensions with means-testing. Provide tax incentives for saving and investment.

Support partial-privatisation of public pensions. Allow workers to invest pensions on stock market.

End public subsidy, make contributions voluntary, and enact full privatisation of the public pensions.


// Privatization

Support a large-scale nationalization programme to take over all private industries.

It was a mistake to privatize manufacturing, transport, and finance. Re-nationalize them.

Put a hold on privatization plans, but encourage competition in appropriate markets.

More competition in markets. Privatize Air Carrassia and Telecom through vouchers.

Completely privatize all remaining public companies! Sell off these assets to the private sector.


// Rural Issues

Prioritise social programs targeted towards the urban working class.

Make rural planning laws more restrictive. Reduce agricultural subsidies.

More careful planning, but ensure entrepreneurs and local developers can build.

Current planning laws are fine. More funding for roads and economic infrastructure.

Large redistribution of resources from cities to rural areas and farmers.


//Same-Sex Unions

Equality demands legalization of same-sex marriage. Gay rights are human rights.

Provide civil unions for same-sex couples granting rights equivalent to marriage.

Offer some, mostly practical, protections and privileges for gays and lesbians.

Marriage is for a man and a woman. No state recognition for Homosexual relationships.

Gay adoption should be outlawed. We need to resurrect anti-Sodomy laws.


//Tax Policy

Raise income taxes for the top 5% and a "wealth tax" to help redistribute income more fairly.

Support a carbon tax, with some tax relief, to allow for a "green shift." Try to be revenue neutral.

Some tax cuts, but not at the expense of any programs. Close loopholes.

Reduce personal and corporate income tax rates. Shift towards indirect taxation through VAT.

Implement a flat 20% corporate and personal income tax rate. Abolish the estate and capital gains taxes.


//Turaqistan War

No more blood for oil! The war was wrong from the start: We need an immediate withdrawal from Turaqistan.

Support a timetable for an orderly withdrawal. Push for a ceasefire agreement with the rebels.

Bring in the MUN and international arbitrators; support a political resolution to Turaqistan's problems.

Support our Rocentian allies, increase troop levels and back a more aggressive "clear and hold" strategy.

Bomb the Muslims to hell! Execute all terrorists caught by Carrassian troops and carpet-bomb terror strongholds.



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A suggestion, would be maybe to change the names of the parties to have a better sampling of Italy, France and Spain together.

Parti Populaire/Partito Popolare/Partido Popular

Parti Socialiste/Partito Socialista/Partido Socialista

Union du Centre/Centro di Unione/UniĆ³n de Centro

Gauche Unie/Sinistra Unita/Izquierda Unida

Front National/Fronte Nazionale/Frente Nacional

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