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1960 redux?

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someone asked me to re-do 1960 on antoehr thread, when I mentioned I might add Regionalism to it

so, if I were to redo it, should I start from scratch (change some issues, change around the electoral_trends - which look fine to me -, newspaper headlines, graphics) or just add regionalism and maybe new graphcis?

your thought?

same ? for 1980 and 1992 as well

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so far

1960 - New Frontiers

added Sen. Harry Flood Byrd as an Independent, party rep 1, and gave him $1000, made him overwhelmingly strong in Mississippi and gave him a chance to win Alabama, and a small percentage in Oklahoma, and that is it for him (in the interests of historical accuracy, don't you know)

also, thinking of changng some of the issues to reflect the terminology of the time -Arms Control = Missle Gap, change Free Trade to Space Race, Business Tax to Indochina (we'd already started sending "advisors" into Vietnam), maybe a couple other changes. Increase Civil Rights to Red, that kind of thing....

Electorally, I've made California a bit closer and the Byrd changes and that's it...

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I've also fixed the electoral_trends which had JFK's and Nixon's percentages reversed in the South, most notably Georgia

new issues:

Missle Gap


Church and State (even though Nixon didn't use JFK's catholicism as an issue, pundits say it cost JFK several million votes)


Space Race

new blurb:

A communist Cuba, an advancing Red China, and a downed U-2 spy plane have inflamed Cold War tensions. At home, the Civil Rights movement is challenging racism in the South. Who will America choose to lead the country in this unsettling and dangerous time?

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