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Some Australian Scenario Ideas


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Two Australian scenario ideas I had (though I'm not doing these right away; I have a full plate; I may do them later, though) are the 2004 or 2007 federal election Senatorial elections where the Greens and Democrats are serious contenders (I'd probably use a map just divided into solid states and territories and not subdivided; probably the one that came with the Shadow of 9/11 2001 scenario that I believe was made for Canadian PM4E and predates Australian PM4E, as it doesn't use the preference system) and the 2003 New South Wales Legislative election where the Christian Democrats, led by Fred Niles (the Pat Robertson, Chuck Baldwin, Jerry Falwell, etc. of Australia) came close to winning several seats (I'd need a custom map of the state for this one, divided into appropriate regions). These are some initial thoughts, as there's really only 2007 by Dynamo-Jax for fan-made scenarios here.

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You could always add the preferences option on for a later version of PM4E to be able to play with more than four parties.

Does that work. I noticed Dynamo-Jax' 2007 has six parties.

But, assuming I can't do that, I'd have the Coalition (as one party, as I recall they didn't compete in each others' ridings), Labour, Green, and Democratic parties as the four for the 2004 or 2007 Senate election, and the Liberal, Labour, National, and Christian Democratic/Family First/Independent (all of whom were very socially conservative) parties for the 2003 New South Wales legislative election, as I don't believe (though I could be wrong) the Green or Democratic parties got much support in that election.

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