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California Proposition 8 Scenario

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I'm thinking of creating a Prop 8 Scenario. The Crusadars for Yes on 8 will be people like Rick Warren, and the No on 8 Crusadars will be people like Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom.

Problem is, how do you divide one singular issue into the needed 18?

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Or you could focus on the individual aspects of the debate. That would make it a deeper and more meaningful scenario, in my opinion.

That's true.

I suppose candidates could be done by assigning the most prominent Californians for and against Prop 8.

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-Right to adopt

-Civil union

Yeah, things like that.

-Legality (whether an amendment could change it or a revision was needed)

-Family Effects

-Religious Effects

-Historical Parallels (is it a noble crusade for the family, or comparable to the backlash against interracial marriage?)

Also, I would just have the candidates as "Yes" and "No". Set the figures up as Crusaders.

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