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Celebrity Challange-2010

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Please note that in this fictionnal scenario, the amendement for the inability for a foreign-born president was abroged.


Michael Moore (Michigan)

Bruce Springsteen (New Jersey)

Robert Redford (Utah)

Steve Jobs (California)

Bill Mayer (California)

Jane Fonda (Georgia)

Ben Affleck (Massachussets)

Chris Matthews (Pennsylvania)

Bill Moyers (New York)

George Clooney (Kentucky)

Rosie O'Donnell (California)

Susan Sarandon (New York)

Margaret Cho (California)

Danny Glover (California)

Jon Stewart (New York)

Stephen Colbert (South Carolina)

Keith Olbermann (New York)

Conan O'Brien (Massachusetts)

Ted Turner (Montana)

Mark Cuban (Texas)

Kevin Costner (Colorado)

Danny DeVito (New Jersey)

Robert DeNiro (New York)

Chris Matthews (Washington D.C.)


Arnold Schwarzenegger (California)

Clint Eastwood (California)

Ted Nugent (Michigan)

Ben Stein (California)

Bill Gates (Washington)

James Woods (Rhode Island)

Glenn Beck (Connecticut)

Bill O'Reilly (New York)

Mel Gibson (California)

Mr. T (Illinois)

Tucker Carlson (California)

Sean Hannity (New York)

Ann Coulter (New York)

Joe Scarborough (Florida)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Rhode Island)

Rush Limbaugh (Missouri) (OFF)


Kurt Russell (Colorado)

Penn Jillette (Nevada)

Howard Stern (New York)

Gary Nolan (Ohio)


Jesse Ventura (Minnesota)


Lou Dobbs (Texas)

Noam Chomsky (Massachusetts)

Arianna Huffington (California)

Phil Donahue (Connecticut)

Sam Waterston (Massachusetts)

David Letterman (Indiana)

Bruce Willis (New Jersey)

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Colbert is from South Carolina, thank you very much!


Sounds like a cool scenario. A couple of nits: Cuban is a liberal, and I might nix Franken just because he's actually going to be a Senator. Good luck, though.

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This seems like it could be a fun scenario. If I were doing it, I would make sure the actually politically experienced ones might have a bit of an edge (like Chris Matthews somewhat for the Dems and Joe Scarborough and Arnold for the Repubs.) And I would probably move Clint Eastwood into the GOP because he actually was elected as Republican as a Mayor and reportedly has been registered as one for most of his life, though he describes his views as libertarian. I would also move Arianna from Democrats, because she has always said she is a progressive Independent (and previous a Republican if you remember back that far)

Also. Elisabeth Hasselbeck would be a good choice for the GOP, and Robert Redford for the Democrats.

Oh, also, Bruce Willis has in recent years fairly openly denounced himself as a Republican and claims to be a registered Independent. (And he actually opposed the War in Iraq according to an interview he did in like, 2007)

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For the primairies, which candidates do you will be stronger in each state for each party?

Well, when it comes to the Northeast and California I have no idea since so many of them come from there and many of them are close in term sof their positions.


For the Dems, I would probably make Chris Matthews more successful outside of the West Coast and New England because he is traditionally a bit more maverick-y and moderate (he has openly admitted to voting for George W. Bush in 2000 and was originally a Goldwater supporter when he was very young) like in the rust belt and Midwest and maybe give Robert Redford a bit of an edge in the west due to his longtime residence in Utah and his environmentalism/advocacy for alternative energy.

I think Bruce Springsteen would also be quite strong in several areas: Midwest, some parts of the South, Rust Belt, and heavy Catholic states such as Mass. And of course he should sweep New Jersey more than most people would in their home states (give him a huge bonus there too).


For the Republicans I would actually probably give Clint Eastwood the edge in California because Arnold Schwarzenegger's approval ratings aren't great and are even worse among the state GOP who dislike him incredibly.

In New York I would probably give the edge to a James Woods or possibly Bill Gates because neither are well known as social conservatives and Bill Gates could have a Bloomberg-esque appeal there.

I think, other than Florida, Hannity should have an edge in the Deep South because he seems to really appeal to people here in the South and maybe Nugent for something like the South and South West like Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, etc.

Bill O'Reilly would probably do well throughout most of the country steadily but maybe an edge in the mid-west and places with higher age-averages (his show gets a huge amount of its ratings from the elderly)

Joe Scarborough, despite his fairly classic conservative positions, would probably do better than a Coulter/O'Reilly/Hannity in the northeast and more moderate states because of his being on a "liberal" channel like MSNBC and because he's has several good friends who are liberals and is somewhat more critical towards the Limbaugh's and O'Reilly's than most Repubs dare to be.

Also: Possible candidates to add could be Glenn Beck (who is incredibly popular now for his far-right rants on his Fox News show), Tucker Carlson (who takes really libertarian stances on foreign policy and some social issues though he is still very pro-life), and I'm sure you didn't add him on purpose, but maybe you should add Rush Limbaugh but have him off by default, and I would say that he would easily be the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

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Is Bill Gates are Republican? He seems to be fairly liberal from his contribution history...


Republicans don't give to Pat Leahy and Tom Harkin. Though there are some Republicans, he seems to lean left.

Oh yes, I just read all that, he contributed probably more to Democrats than Republicans, and most of the Repubs he contributed to were moderates (Specter, Gordon Smith) with a few conservatives like John Kyl.

He also contributed to Kerry in 2004 if you saw.

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