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Canada in the US 2010

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Ok, I am thinking about something pretty cool to do. It will be a scenario with Canadian politicans and parties, but with the US map.

As per the issues, I think there are two options:

-Having Canadian issues (healthcare, firearms) but with more conservative positions in conservative states and more centrist positions in northern (the so-called liberal) states.

-Having American issues, but with the canadian point of view (healthcare, gun control etc....)

As per the parties, this is the main power bases of each one:

CONSERVATIVES: Basically, the majority south, the west and suburbs of main cities and some rural areas in the Northeast.

LIBERALS:Main cities and some rural areas in the Northeast, the Rust Belt and some Central States.

NPD/GREEN ALLIANCE: Strong in some labor areas (Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota) and some more left-wing cities and states by the canadian standard (such as San Francisco, Seattle and some states like Vermont).

CHRISTIAN HERITAGE: Strong is some Bible belt areas as a form of protest vote as the Conservatives are not considered right-wing enough.

BLOC FRANCOPHONE: In my scenario, some states will have a French-American majority or plurality (Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachussetts), so the Bloc Francophone will have a part of the protest vote.

As per the parties, the home state of each candidate will be appoximately made by two factors:


-Stephen Harper (Maybe Montana?)

-Peter McKay (New Jersey)

-Jim Prentice (Pennsylvania because his father played for the Pittsburgh team, but this before he was born)

-Jim Flaherty (Let's say Massachussetts because of his Irish ancestry and accent)

-Danny Williams (Maine)

-Bernard Lord (I would say Louisiana beause of his Acadian roots)

-Ed Stelmach (Maybe Pennsylvania maybe there are quite a lot of Ukrainian-Americans in that state?

-Lawrence Cannon (New York?)

-James Moore (Washington?)

-Tony Clement (New York)

-Lisa Raitt (Maryland)


-Michael Ignatieff (Massachussetts beause he had lived there for more than 30 years IRL)

-Bob Rae (He lived in Washington D.C. for a few years IRL)

-Ralph Goodale (Maybe North Dakota?)

-Dalton McGuinty (Maybe Michigan?)

-Frank McKenna (Maybe Maine?)

-John Manley (Maybe New York because he was the ambassador to the UN)

-Martha Hall Findley (Maybe Virginia?)

-Ken Dryden (New York because he studied at Cornell IRL)

-Joe Volpe (New York?)

-Ruby Dhalla (Michigan?)


-Jack Layton (I would say New York because this englobes Toronto and Montréal)

-Peter Stoffer (Maine)

-Linda Duncan (Maybe Washington D.C. because she worked at the World Bank there?)

-Gary Doer (North Dakota)

-Thomas Mulcair (Maybe Vermont?)

-Lorne Nystrom (North Dakota)

-Lorne Calvert (South Dakota)

-Ray Martin (Montana)

-Dwight Duncan (Maine)

-Howard Hampton (Let's say Minnesota beause he's from Kenora in Northwestern Ontario)

-Svend Robinson (Born in Minnesota IRL)

-Elizabeth May (Born in Connecticut IRL)

-Claude William Genest (Lecturer in Vermont IRL)

-David Suzuki (OFF) (Illinois because he had his PhD there in real life)


-Mario Dumont (Let's say Maine)

-Gilles Duceppe (Let's say Florida because there are a lot of French-Canadiens living in Southern Florida especially in Hollywood,FL and Fort Lauderdale,FL)

-Jean Charest (Let's say New York)


-Stockwell Day (Let's say Idaho)

-Myron Thompson (Born in Colorado)

-Monte Solberg (Montana)

Any comments of help especially for the home state of candidates?

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