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Ocian Federation Election 2009


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Ethnic groups:

Slavic 55%

Italian 20%

Greek 10%

Albanian 5%

German 5%

Other 5%


Roman Catholic 50%

Eastern Orthodox 30%

Other Religion 5%

None 15%



November City







Luthorian Islands

Iridian Islands





Alexandria Relations

Consumer Protectino

Defense Forces






Grandica Crisis

Health Service

Labor Unions

Moral Issues

Nuclear Power


Space Exploration

Tax and Budget




@issue position descriptions

// left, cenre-left, center, center-right= 1 - 5

//Alexandria Relations

We should ally with the Communist states against Alexandria. Support military action to reclaim Anglien.

We should stand up to Alexandrian imperialism more often. Keep our claims to the Duchy of Anglien.

Preserve our relationship with Alexandria but keep our distance. Support mediation on Anglien claims.

Support a treaty of friendship and alliance with Alexandria. We must move forward by withdrawing our Anglien claims.

All Hail Emperor Edgard II! Forge a customs union with our Alexandrian brothers! Consider political union.


// Consumer Protection

Consumers are cheated by profit-hungry manufacturers and dealers. We need citizen activism coupled with government regulation.

Detailed regulations protect consumers from unsafe products marketed by profit-hungry corporations.

The government can help consumers get reliable information and more ways to claim legal damages.

Government should not interfere with trustful relationships between business and consumers.

Government should prevent abuse of liabilities and damage claims. Whats good for business is good for consumers.


//Defense Forces

Abolish the military. Create a Ministry of Peace. Pacifism is our best defensive option.

Reduce military spending. Disband most ground forces. We must adhere to the neutrality policy.

Leave military spending at current levels. Focus on peace-keeping and special forces operations.

Increase military budget, be more efficient. Increase troop numbers and allow training with allied troops.

Increase defense budget to 10% of GDP. Bring back conscription. Reclaim our past glory!



Legalise and regulate all drugs.

Focus on rehabilitation, legalize "soft drugs".

Provide rehabilitation for addicts, crack down on dealers.

Toughen laws for illegal drugs, increase enforcement.

Ocia needs a war on drugs. Death penalty for dealers.



The government should run a fully planned economy to ensure both social equality and economic productivity.

Heavy regulation of businesses. Increase public spending to promote economic growth and protect jobs.

The economy should be free and competitive, but with a considerable regulatory system to prevent abuses.

It is necessary to liberalise the economy in order to ensure growth and prosperity. Support deregulation.

Government regulation kills economic growth. A fully free market is the only road to prosperity.



Large increase in federal funding. Make free public education at all levels a national priority.

Increase federal funding for public schools and universities. Free tuition for undergraduate university study.

Targeted increases in school funding, more national standards. Moderate university tuition, merit-based scholarships.

National quality standards and competition. Greater accountability for schools. Make university fees tax-deductible.

Full privatization of education from kindgergarten to university. Reduce federal funding of education.



The environment always comes first. Raise taxes on pollution, especially carbon emissions.

Environment is a priority. Increase environmental standards and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We must protect the environment. Support more recycling and tax incentives for being eco-friendly.

Support market-based environmental incentives, and reduce environmental regulation.

The environment is fine, global warming is a hoax. Stop eco-bureaucracy.



Lower fishing quotas to protect the environment.

Support quotas for fisheries to promote sustainable use.

Encourage EU to raise quotas, compensate fishing industry.

Quotas hurt our fishing industry. Relax quotas in Scotland.

Ignore the EU quotas. Subsidize the development of fishing industry.


//Grandica Crisis

Support the Grandican Communists. Death to the capitalist pigs!

We should stay neutral in Grandica Crisis and act as a peace broker.

Quarantine Communist Grandica, economically and diplomatically.

Actively support those trying to overthrow the Communist regime.

We must invade Grandica and bomb the Reds to hell!


//Health Service

Dramatically increase funding, abolish private sector, and provide free dental and home health care.

Increase funding for health service, reduce private involvement, and expand coverage to include perscription drugs.

Increase funding to reduce waiting, make health service more efficient, and reduce perscription drug costs.

Establish maximum acceptable wait times, and more private delivery of health care services.

Fully privatize the Health Service. Promote private insurance companies along free market model.


//Labor Relations

Mandate closed shop agreements for every worker. Limit manager pay.

Unions are good for our economy. Protect and strengthen union rights.

Try to legislate a balance between unions and management.

Unions have far too much power. Relax dismissal protections.

Unions should be outlawed. Severely curtail the right to strike.


//Moral Issues

We must fully legalise gay marriage and abortion. Promote secularism.

Keep status quo on abortion and civil unions. Tolerance takes priority.

No formal position on abortion and gay rights. Hold free votes.

Protect the traditional family. Tighten abortion laws and repeal civil unions act.

Ban gay adoption, repeal abortion laws, and promote Christianity.


//Nuclear Power

Nuclear plants will destroy our environment. Switch off nuclear power immediately.

We need to gradually phase out nuclear power step. Pursue other energy alternatives.

Support enhanced regulation of nuclear energy to promote safety.

Nuclear power is safe and sound. Promote construction of new nuclear plants.

We should use our nuclear power program to develop nuclear weapons.



Support complete legalisation of prostitution. Establish state brothels and prostitute's unions.

Decriminalise prostution and reform current laws. Regulate brothels to ensure "harm reduction."

Work to reduce prostitution through rehabiliation and step up efforts to halt sex trafficking.

Criminalise the purchase of sex. Crack down on prostitution, brothels, and the sex trade.

Support a nationwide roundup of all prostitutes. Put all these sexual deviants behind bars!


//Space Exploration

We have more important priorities than space; end all public spending.

We need to increase public investment in space exploration.

Allow companies to sponsor public space exploration.

Support public-private partnerships for space missions.

Space exploration should be fully privatized!


//Tax and Budget

Increase taxes for the top 10%, establish a windfall profits tax to pay for massive social investment.

Increase taxes for the top 5% and large corporations. Increase public spending on social programs.

Reduce taxes for lower and middle income and for small business. Limit public spending.

Reduce taxes across the board for everyone, especially business. Steep cuts in spending and debt.

Implement a flat income tax and simplify the corporate tax code. Drastically cut social programs.



The "Terrorists" are only defending against our imperialist policies. End military intervention.

Combat the root causes of terrorism by eliminating poverty. Reduce military operations.

Work with allies to fight terrorism, cut off terrorist financing, and limit military force.

Increase military and intelligence operations against terrorists. Use targeted assassination.

Terrorism must be stopped at all costs and by any means necessary. War is the only option!



Support a univeral basic income coupled with guaranteed housing and a War on Poverty.

Increase welfare payments and greater support for the disabled. More funding for public housing.

Support retraining initiatives to help workers find jobs. Improve access to disability and unemployment insurance.

Enact "welfare-to-work" programs to make unemployed work for the dole. Promote home ownership.

Abolish all social welfare programs. Don't waste money on the lazy. Let charity handle the problem.




Social Democratic

Branko Vujanoviæ- experienced economist and academic, supporter of "third way" tendencies

Dragan Petrovitch- former lawyer and General Secretary of the party, views himself as a "social democrat"

Radmila Crvenkovski- leader of the youth wing of the Socialists, considers herself a "democratic socialist

Progressive Conservative

Bogdan Jelacic- Prominent aristocrat, nationalist conservative

Stella Bianchi- young "modernizer" in the party, and economic conservative

Goran Krišto- Former Orthodox priest, older cultural conservative

Green Party

Matt Kovac- Current President of Ocia and former Prime Minster, Founder of the Party

Zlata Tankoviæ- veteran environmental activist and former pop singer

Liberal Democracy

Michael Dervin- former President, highly respected internationalist

Aleksander Belushi- prominent journalist with strong appeal to the youth and professional classes


Miljec Vlasimov- former head of the Communist Red Guard terrorist organisation, now turned politician.

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All rightie then, just letting you all know I'm getting fairly close towards completion. I just have to do some finishing touches with the party leaders and then I'll run a few test runs and it should be ready for beta-testing.

Edit: I do need some edits as the Green Party polls a little too well for a third party.

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To add some credibility at your scenario, this is a few sentences that I made up on a language based on a mix of Serbian, Albanian, Croatian and Slovenian. I wrote it in both Latin and Crylilic alphabet.

The order of languages:


Language based on Slavic and Albanian Languages.

Language based on Serbo-Croat written in Cyrillic character.

Language based on a Italian-based patois or creole.

Ocian Federation Election 2009

Ocian Federacije Electoral 2009

Оциан Федерације Иэборна 2009

Ocian Federazione elezioni 2009

Social Democratic




Progressive Conservative

Progresive Konservatore

Прогрессиве Цонсервативе

Progressivo Conservatore

Green Party

Partia e Gjelbër

Греен Парты

Partito Verde

Liberal Democracy

Liberalna demokracija

Либерална демократија

Democrazia liberale




Partito Comunista



November City

Nov Grad

Новембар Град

Città del Novembre













Luthorian Islands

Luthorian otoki

Лутхориан Острва

Luthorian Islole

Iridian Islands

Iridian otoki

Иридиан Острва

Iridian Isole







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