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2016 US Election

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2016 US Election

President Obama is the incumbent after winning in 2012 against a Palin/Jindal ticket in a landslide. He has popularity ratings in the high 50's and low 60's. After Biden decided to opt out of serving another term in 2012, Obama placed Sect of State Hillary Clinton on the ticket. A lot has changed in the last few years; the U.S. is now a leader in climate change, leading the way to an even stronger treaty on the issue named the San Fransico Accord, which is heatedly opposed by the Republicans. All U.S. troops are now out of Iraq with no bases--and while a small force of American troops remains in Afghanistan, the war has been won and the democratically elected government in Afghanistan is stable. The North American Union has also become an accepted idea, from what used to be a conspiracy theory, and polls show Americans split 50/50 on such a union--shaped like the EU. The Republican Party has also gone through a change after the failure of its Right-Wing ticket in 2012. It has become fairly moderate on hot button Social Issues to attract younger voters, while becoming the party of civil liberties, small government and center/center-right populism. The old right-wing vangaurd of the Republican Party Vs. the New Republican Party is making for an interesting primary battle--which will decide the fate of the Republican Party for years to come.


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York

Senator Mark Warner of Virgina

Governor Brian Schweitzer

Governor Gavin Newsom of California

Governor Bill White of Texas

Vice President Hillary Clinton of New York [ Off by default ]

** Vice-President Hillary Clinton declined to run and endorsed Kirsten Gillibrand. If she decides to run, turn Gillibrand off.


New-Party Republicans

Senator Meghan McCain of Arizona

Governor Charles Barkley of Alabama

Susan Collins of Maine

Old-Party Republicans

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina

Governor Bobby Jindal of Lousiana

House Minority Leader Mike Pence of Indiana

2010 Mid-Term Elections: Dem Senate and House Majority

2012 Mid-Term Elections: Dem Senate Majority, House Republican Majority

2014 Mid-Term Elections: Dem Senate and House Majority

2016 Mid-Term Elections: Dems expected to hang onto Senate, House is a tossup

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Ok, I understand that this is a piece of fiction and it's your choice to do whatever you want, but I actually don't think that the war in Afghanistan will ever be ''won'' in this sense.

Also, I don't believe the idea of a North American Union is feasible in such a short term, just to pass NAFTA in Canada took about everything and also some Americans have the wrong impression that Canadian border let some undesirable elements with a more lenient immigration and refugee law than the US.

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I would keep Biden as VP; if Clinton got the VP slot she would cruise through the primaries. Makes it more interesting to have an open field. Also I'd add Gov. Schweitzer, it's pretty clear he's thinking of running for President, maybe replace Conrad with him? Russ Feingold or Sherrod Brown would also be good additions from the progressive wing of the party. It's your scenario of course, these are just suggestions.

If you're desperate for New-Party Republicans you could add Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois and/or Gov. Thomas Campbell of California. Neither are likely to win their elections though, and the latter would force you to take out Newsom.

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I doubt about Hilary chances in 2016, because she will be 69 at that time, which is two-three years younger than McCain was last year.

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin will be a good centrist candidate for the Dems, especially for support in the Central States.

Patrick J. Kennedy is maybe possible as a strong candidate in New England.

Dan Boren will be a good favorite candidate son for the Southwest.

For the ''New'' GOP:

Tim Pawlenty come first to mind, he is from a traditionnely northern/labor state.

David Petraeus is also a good choice.

Rob Portman

Eric Cantor

Lindsey Graham

For the ''Old'' GOP:

Mark Sanford

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Cantor and Graham aren't remotely moderate. Not as sure about Portman. And as for Petraeus, really? I dunno, never been a fan of the whole "Petraeus getting into politics" idea myself. I've heard that Lincoln Chafee thought about challenging Bush in 2004; he'd only be 63 and I feel like if we're having a return to Rockefeller Republicanism you need New Englanders carrying the torch, at least in part. Problem is, there aren't a whole lot of New England Republicans left: even though Chafee left in 2007, I feel like the whole "trying to save the soul of the party" thing is the kind of thing he just might do. Also, as for Hillary, she'd be slightly younger than Reagan was, and I'd be willing to bet she'll seem a little less senile than McCain did this year. I agree, though, that keeping her as Secretary of State might make things more interesting.

Oh, and not that this is necessarily really necessary for the game, Republicans winning the House in 2010? They'd need to pick up about 40 seats, and even for a midterm election that's a lot.

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Oh, and not that this is necessarily really necessary for the game, Republicans winning the House in 2010? They'd need to pick up about 40 seats, and even for a midterm election that's a lot.

Yeah, Obama would have to do absolutely everything wrong in conjunction with dozens of Congressional corruption scandals for the Republicans to pick up the House next year.

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A few suggestions, though I know this is purely fantasy:

On the Dems:

Most polls right now are showing Kirsten Gillibrand losing in her own party's primary in 2010, let alone if she were to face a Pataki or Guiliani (though he's more likely to go for Governor) in a general. I think the likelihood of her even still being a Senator in 2016 is not good.

Kent Conrad is curious as he is already a long-term member of the Senate who's never been interested in national politics and he would be 68 years old on inauguration day.

I doubt Bill White will win in Texas because if Hutchinson beats Perry in the primary, she will win the general hands down. There is no politicians more popular in Texas than she is, and Perry would still be favored against a Democrat.

And honestly I don't think Hillary would have taken SoS if she planned on running again. I think 2008 or 2012 if Obama had lost here he only shots. But I realize that a lot of your scenario is based off that.

For good possible candidates for Dems I would do:


Mark Warner

Russ Feingold (was heavily expected to run in '08 so he could be a possibility)

Sherrod Brown

Evan Bayh (he has recently because much more high-profile for his "centrist Dems" or Conservadems caucus in the Senate that he's leading)

Kathleen Sebelius (was obviously a top candidate for VP in '08, would have been a cabinet member, and I would say could even be an Obama supported candidate if she ran)

Claire McCaskill (was high profile in '08 and has become a major face of the moderate wing of the Senate during this session)

Jim Webb (I think it could be possible, but he would not be a strong contender, but would be popular among Reagan and Bush Democrats I think)

John Lynch (A pretty down the line moderate with strong Republican support in his state, would be a long shot)

John Hickenlooper (if he were to be Governor of Colorado or even possibly challenge Bennett for the Senate seat if he proves to be really moderate)

I also think that an interesting thing to look at would be Jared Polis, the gay congressman from Colorado. I would think he'd have a better shot than any other gay politician at going to higher office (Senate would be unlikely because of the Dems having both seats, but possibly Governor in 2014) because he is young (would only be about 40) and not particularly radical.

On the GOP:

Meghan McCain could only possibly have been a Senator for 1 year prior to run as she would be 31 years old in 2016 (she is 24 now), so I wouldn't even include her. Not to mention that she would be constitutionally ineligible to be President.

Jon Huntsman, Jr is considered a moderate Republican as he supports a lot of environmental things as well as some fiscal moderation and same-sex civil unions.

Possibly Candidates I would choose:

Huntsman and Crist as moderates

Jindal, Lindsey Graham, Mike Pence, and Eric Cantor as conservatives (I think Cantor, as current Whip, would be the Minority Leader and Pence would be Whip)

Mark Sanford as more of a libertarian-conservative.

Also, Jim Douglas of Vermont would be good as a long-shot Rockefeller Republican due to his high popularity in a very liberal, Democratic state.

Also, recently Michael Steele has said "if that's what God wants" he'd be open to running for President. So you could put him on as a long-shot candidate as his chairmanship would be over by then and he is already not very popular among the rank-and-file.

But that's just some suggestions, would like to see how this turns out.

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hmm... these are some ideas that i came up with for new republicans

Charles Barkley (yes the former NBA star) runs as a Republican in Alabama for governor and wins there despite his pro-choice and pro-gay marriage stance. He supported Obama in 2008 but then supported Romney in 2012. After Romney dropped out he went back to Obama due to how the Palin/Jindal ticket ran. Despite the fact that he only has 2 years as governor a grassroots movement drafted him for president and decided to run

Michael Steele gets bumped out of the RNC chairman and looked finished but made one of the biggest political comebacks ever by defeating the Democratic governor of Maryland and is now on his second term. He is very popular in Maryland with his moderate stances and runs for president.

Susan Collins runs for president with her moderate stances and is also popular.

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I slightly reworked the candidates. I'll be doing issues next and then posting them here when I'm done for review, feel free to offer issues you think should be added. They should be done soon. Could anyone try and find me stats for the population estimates in 2016 for each state? It would be a big help! I'll do some digging as well.

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Charles Barkley would never run for Governor as a Republican. The most likely possibility is that he runs as an independent.

Here's a qoute from wikipedia.

"I'm serious. I've got to get people to realize that the government is full of it. Republicans and Democrats want to argue over stuff that's not important, like gay marriage or the war in Iraq or illegal immigration... When I run — if I run — we're going to talk about real issues like improving our schools, cleaning up our neighborhoods of drugs and crime and making Alabama a better place for all people."

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The Fact that Charles Barkley was also recently arrested for DUI under interesting circumstances and the fact that he is a self admitted gambling addict might effect his running for future political office. Megan McCain also has to go based on the fact she would be two young under the constitution to run.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger will a choice for the moderate Dems, however he will be quite old (69) and this had to change the law by that time because he was born in Austria. However, he had been living in the US since 1968.

I would also see George Pataki, Charlie Bass, Tom Ridge, Tammy Bruce (very unlikely), Susan Collins, Chuck Hagel are also good choices, but some of them will be too old by 2016.

Many Conservative democrats (which are sometimes more conservative than liberal Republicans) could also be included as this could sometimes cross the party line (like for Joe Liberman).

Good exemples for this category will be Dems in more conservative areas such as: Gabrielle Giffords, Tom Vilsack, Evan Bayh, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Mary Landrieu, Heath Shuler.

Charles Barkley will be a good independant because maybe other elected leaders have skletons in their closet.

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I don't see the national dems ever electing Heath Shuler to anything past the House seat he currently has. How about Kay Hagan. After she defeated Elizabeth Dole in 2008 for the Senate, she is a rising star in the party. You could say that in 2014, she won re-election handily and was drafted to run for president in 2016. Problem is she would be 63 years old.

Another option from NC is our current governor Bev Perdue but alas she would be 72.

You could also go with Roy Cooper current Atty. General of NC. He is widely expected to run against Richard Burr in 2010 for the senate. Polls show that he has a great shot at winning. We could say he wins in 2010, and is drafted to run for president in 2016. He would be 60 however.

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