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Mexican Presidential Election 2000

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This election was inspired by the release of (among many other quality maps) a map of Mexico divided into states. The election proposed was the one where the first presidential candidate not of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) was elected in 91 years. It was also the first Mexican election that passed UN inspections for fairness and 'cleaness.'

The candidates are:

Vincente Fox - Alliance for Change (National Action Party/Ecological Green Party of Mexico coalition)

Fransisco Labastida - Institutional Revolutionary Party

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas - Alliance for Mexico (Party of the Democratic Revolution)

Gilberto Rincón - Social Democracy

Manual Comacho - Party of the Democratic Center

Porfirio Muñoz - Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution

I would like to include primaries, and am searching for information as to who challenged these candidates for their nominations, specifically the first three parties; the last three aren't as important in that regard.

If anyone has any comments, please post them.

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