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The best electoral system?


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As per the systems in PM4E and C4E, which do you like the most.

Basically, I made my impressions for each system:

First past the post (Canada, Britain, USA)


-Easy to understand and simple

-In many cases gives a certain stablility except in minority gouvernments (or hung parliaments in the UK)

-Give a clear representation with one representative per riding


-Problem with bad representation especially with the popular vote vs. the number of seats and the representation of smaller parties

MMP (Germany, New Zealand, Wales, Scotland)


-Good representation of smaller parties

-Can be ''considered'' as the best of both worlds

-Give a good representation for parties in certain regions which will not be the case in the FPTP system


-The problem with electoral lists (some politicien are elected by the people and some are not)

-Except with a high thrushold (4-5%), the fate of gouvernment could reside into small parties which sometimes have extremist ideas or only represent certains factions of the population (like in Israel, even if the system is more Proportionnal than MMP)

Preferential Voting in Australia (the French two rounds system have about the same consequences)


-Give a clear winner with a majority


-Tend to give high majorities to the winning party

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