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Pre-1972 Canadian Scenarios


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As it stands, fan-based scenarios on Canadian Federal Elections that are publically circulating (at least as far as I can find) only go back to 1972. This is a shame, as it misses a lot of good elections. Is there anyone in this community willing to take on any pivotal elections between 1867 (which comes with the 2008 PM4E game) and 1972. Some good PM's who ran in these elections include MacDonald, Laurier, Borden, King, Bennett, Diefenbaker, and Pearson. I'd also like to see some scenarios featuring the old Progressives, who were a significant presence for a while. I can tackle maybe a few, but I have a heavy workload of scenarios already. Anyone interested?

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I'm not 100% positive on this, but I think there was some talk or maybe even some initial work done on elections from the late 1950's a couple of years ago. If someone is interested in doing any of these, it would probably be a good idea to go back through the older pages just to check and see what was done.

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There is basically two things to know about early Canadian elections:

1)Transportation which was pretty much slow compared to today

2)The 19th century elections had a lot of uncontested elections

I would like to see the following:















Those would all be good elections. The trouble of transport and lack of competition in certain ridings in the earlier elections could be an issue, but I'm sure some way could be found around it.

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I did the 1972 Canada scenario on the website which needed little work as it relied upon the 1974 scenario.

I had started a number of historical Canada scenarios. In each case the ridings files were more or less completed. In most cases the issues and issue positions were not completed. I can't remember to what extent I had otherwise completed each but suffice to say, none would have been 'road tested' for authenticity.

These scenarios are therefore NOT FOR PLAYING. But if anyone wishes to work on any one of the following please let me know;

1917, 1921, 1925, 1935, 1958, 1963, 1965, 1968

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If you wish, send them all to me. I'll chug through them one at a time, as they're all elections I'd like to see in finished form. As my job's not very demanding, I have quite a bit of spare time. I should be able to get most of those in working form over several months.


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Thanks Patine for your offer. I would be keen to see these tackled by someone who doesn't have a heavy workload of scenarios already.

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I have some issues ideas for each of your election:

1917: The war, Circonscription crisis and French Canada, Possible separation of French Canada

1921: Labour demands (the Winnipeg General Strike was in 1919), Red scare, Farm Tariffs, Women voting, Western rights

1925: King-Byng Affair, The GG role, Bribe scandal in the Liberal Party

1935: Great Depression, Economic Reforms

1958: Québec and the Conservative Party, National Defense, Avro Arrow, Relations with the US

1963: Bomarc Missiles, Health Care, Canadian Flag, Public Pension Plan

1965: Job creation, Old Age Pensions, Canada Pension Plan

1968: Official Languages, Québec (especially with the events of June 24 1968),

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