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2020- The Most Speculative Scenario Ever.

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Barack Obama, D-IL- 462 EVs, 53%

Mike Huckabee, R-AR- 76 EVs, 46%


On Election Night, 2016, a mega-scandal engulfs the Democratic and Republic bases, but the Early Voters didn't know it...

Hillary Clinton, D-NY- 256 EVs, 30%

Ralph Nader, I-CT- 254 EVs, 35%

Mitt Romney, R-MA- 28 EVs, 35%

The house Of Representatives, now a bitter tie between the Constitution Party and Independents, elects Nader by a single vote.

With this new political climate, and Nader's close election, what, or who, will be next?

There is a new "Independent Coalition" running primaries for

who can be the only Independent Presidential Candidate, a plan set forth by Nader.



President Ralph Nader

Senator Joe Lieberman

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Constitution Party

Hon. John Gallup (fic)

Chuck Baldwin

Senator Arthur Johnston (fic)

Senator Johnathan Victor (fic)

Libertarian Party

Wayne Allyn Root

Bob Barr

Senator Anthony Young (fic)

Governor James Hao (fic)

Republican Party (off by default)

Mitt Romney

Sarah Palin(off by default)

Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton

Rod Blagojevich (after it is found he is innocent) (off by default)

National Percentages-

Shooting for-

Independent 40%

Constitution 32%

Libertarian 15%

Democratic 9%

Republican (if turned on) 4%

Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands MAY be added.




Martian Threat (?)

Any ideas appreciated,

Jersey Boy

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And also, the Democrats and Republicans will only be on the ballot in Enough States for 270 (or 272, depending on wheteher or not we have PR and VI) electoral votes.

EDIT: I'm not adding PR and the Virgin Islands.

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I think Puerto Rico will be probably added at the 51th state by 2020.

Just a reminder, Ralph Nader will be 82 in 2016, so maybe find another candidate who is a little bit younger.

Also, Nader (socialist) and Bloomberg/Liberman (both centrists) cannot by considered as a ''same party''.

The Constitution Party will be probably strong in Southern States (socially conservative).

The Libertarians will be strong in Western States, Alaska and New Hampshire.

The ''Independent'' Party will have its main base in the current blue states.

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