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Comparaisons between parties


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How to do compare parties with the diffrents scenarios for PM4E or P4E?

Basically, this is how I compare British-Canadian-Australian-American-French parties by ideology from far-right to far-right. I know that the left-right spectrum a little bit updated, but it is something nearly universal in political science. I ometted the two American parties because they have variable party line depending on the leader, the time or the state and are have more right-wing ideas in healthcare, for exemple than other countries. The main Irish parties are also very similar in scope and over the time.


BNP (UK)-Front National (France): Far-right, nationalist

UKIP (UK), ADQ (Québec)-PC Party (Newfoundland)-Wildrose Alliance (Alberta): Conservative (can be populist with the ADQ) nationalist

Conservative Parties and Provincial PC Parties (Canada)- BC Liberals-Conservatives (UK)-UMP (France)-PP (Spain)-CDU (Germany)-National (New Zealand), Liberal (Australia):

Center-right and conservative

Labour (Britain), Québec Liberal Party, Mo Dem (France), Labour (Australia), SDP (Germany): ''Third-way centrist'', centrist with some right-wing components.

Liberal Party (Canada), Provincial Liberal Parties (Canada expect Québec and BC), PSOE (Spain), Labour (New Zealand), Liberal Democrats (UK): Centrist (Liberal Democrat).

PQ (Québec), SNP (Scotland), Sinn Finn (Northern Ireland): Center-left or Social Democratic nationalist

NDP (Canada), Parti Socialiste (France), Social Democratic Party (Sweden): Social Democratic

Green Parties: Environmentalist and can be left-wing or more right-wing economically or socially

RESPECT , Ligue Ouvrière and LCR (France): Left-wing that can be considered alter-mondialist

French Communist Party: ''Third way'' moderate (more labour-type or union-type) communist

Communist Parties

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The Wildrose Alliance in Alberta (Alberta's 'right-wing alternative' to the PC's) are on par with the ADQ and Newfoundland PC's. Even though they're a relatively minor party, I thought this worth adding, as they're further right-wing than the PC's here, and they are the fourth biggest party in the province, did have seats, and were in the 2008 provincial election leaders' debate.

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Are they more ''libertarian'' than the PC?

They have some libertarian views, yes, like laxer gun laws, less taxation, no welfare, granting landowners mineral rights (currently not in force; the province, as it stands, owns all oil and gas in the province being exploited or waiting to be except that under Native reserves), etc., but also oppose abortion (except in the cases of life of the mother), same-sex marriage, legalization of cannabis, and other moral issues.

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Not really. The Alberta Liberals (who are considering a name change to disassciate themselves with the Federal Liberals) and NDP's are certainly centre-left and left, respectively. This tends to be why, in fact, they do so poorly in elections compared to some other provincial equivalents, or even the Federal parties. As well, their support is largely limited to Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge, with very rarely rural support.

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