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How I do candidate photos (ignoring eggs, grannies and the sucking thereof)

Some people put a lot of energy into designing scenarios yet manage to deliver graphics that make me feel like I am walking in a 'Hall of Mirrors".

This is how you can end up with graphics of leaders who look like human beings.

The candidate editor imports the large graphic and makes it 75x87 and it makes the small graphic 32x32. If you use the same image for both large and small, by definition, one will be squashed.

To ensure wisiwig, I make sure the image to be used as the large graphic is already 75x87 before I import it. To do this, I follow these steps;

The simplist and quickest way is to crop the top and bottom of the image as iI want it to appear.

Then I find out what that makes the overall height, then I divide this number by 87.

This will give me a % which I will then enter for both dimensions into the stretch/scew option.

Having stretch/scewed the image, it should now have a height of 87. All I need to do then is to crop the width to 75.

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