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Fictional US State scenario

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I would suggest that you make the third party an analogue of the Minnesota Independence Party. Pretty much socially libertarian and fiscally conservative in the Eisenhower sense of the word (spend on public works and the like, but pay for it and balance the budget by any means necessary). So I guess center-libertarian? As for the party name, how about something like The Liberty Party? Or Free Soil Party? Just historically similar party names.

For the left-wing fourth party, I would suggest modeling it on the present day Green Party, but with a wider scope and more issues relating to the working class. A classical, social democratic or democratic socialist party like Eugene Debs' party in the early 1900s would be good. Socialist Party could work here for a name, but there's a certain stigma with the word 'Socialist' in the U.S., so maybe something like New York's 'Working Families Party', or alternatively, a Populist Party or a People's Party.

As for the state, I would probably divide it into a few different geographical settings, where each party would be the strongest. Your center-libertarians and Republicans would be strongest in the country, as per usual, while your Democrats and left-wingers would be stronger in the city, though if you decide to make your left-wing party agrarian in nature, you could make the countryside one of the most competitive areas.

Candidates-wise, you could do something similar to what others have done on this site, and ask for posters to create candidates for your state itself, in order to populate your base of candidates.

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I want to have something similar to Minnesota in geographic scope. Let's call it Jefferson with about 18 000 000 people.

It can be considered a swing state.

-Big metropolis in the center of the state which is Dem.

-Suburbs of this metropolis which are toss-up between the Dem and the Independance Party. They are at a point a little bit like Orange County or the Conservative Suburbs of Cincinnati.

-The West of the state which is GOP (sort of conservative bible belt farming area with a few religious colleges with a city like Branson,Missouri with a big tourism industry)

-The South of the state (Downstate) which is tossup between the Dem and the Ind Party. Also, the greens are polling well in that area because of a few big college towns (like Burlington,VT, Madison,WI or Ann Arbor,MI) and a medical city like Rochester,MN (Mayo Clinic) which I like to base on Louisville,KY with a big river passing through the city.

-The North of the state (Upstate) is Libertarian in nature (Ind Party) with a strong labor mouvement due to the many factories in the area and some Aborignal People (Dem). This region is very rich for the forestry, the mining and some heavy industry. Also, it had a big lake like Lake Michigan or Lake Superior and has the second city of the state which is very similar to Pittsburgh or Cincinnati in scope.

-The East is pretty much agarian so it's a tossup between the Agarian wing of the Dems and the Ind Party.

As per the counties, I am thinking about having basically the same number as in Minnesota with three to four independant cities.

Any comments or suggestions about that?

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Ok, this one is the next on my list. A map will be appreciated.

I would need some in real world information to help me for the counties stats:

-Which cities in the US have the most conservative suburbs?

-Which city had the most ''conservative'' inner city?

-Do you have any exemples of small towns which are very polarized politically?

-Are they any regions inside a state which are very Dem or Rep in states which are traditionnaly red or blue for the other party like Austin in Texas for the Democrats?

-Any example of a swing county?

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