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This is a alternate history scenario I plan on starting. It may develop slightly slow though because I am also helping with 1860. Anyone who wants to help, I would love to have you help me. Basically the idea is that the Consitutional Union and Northern Democrat canidates in the 1860 election join forces to form the National Union and get Stephen A. Douglas elected. Here are some of the details. The Southern Democrats change their name to the Southern Party and continue to run canidates that have little appeal outside the south.

Presidents & VP*

Stephen A. Douglas & John Bell (NU) 1860-1861

John Bell & Edward Everett (NU) 1861-1864

Simon Cameron & Abraham Lincoln ® 1864-1872

Millard Fillmore & Hugh J. Jewett (NU) 1872-1874

Hugh J. Jewett & Andrew Johnson (NU) 1874-1876

Samuel Jones Tilden & Thomas A. Hendricks (NU) 1876-1884

Thomas A. Hendricks & Grover Cleveland (NU) 1884-1885

Grover Cleveland & Thomas Francis Bayard (NU) 1885-1892

Whitelaw Reid & James Weaver ® 1892-1896

Joseph Clay Blackburn & Grover Cleveland (NU) 1896-1908

Joseph Clay Blackburn & William Jennings Bryan (NU) 1908-1912

Theodore Roosevelt & James S. Sherman ® 1912-1920

Carter Glass & Al Smith (NU) 1920-1932

Herbert Hoover & Al Smith ® 1932- 1941

Hebert Hoover & Wendell Willkie ® 1941-1948

Strom Thurmond & Dwight D. Eisenhower (NU) 1948-1952

Dwight D. Eisenhower & Storm Thurmond (NU) 1952-1960

Storm Thurmond & Henry Cabot Lodge (NU) 1960-1964

John F. Kennedy & Robert F. Kennedy ® 1964-1968

George Wallace & Hubert Humphrey (NU**) 1968-1976

George Wallace & Edmund Muskie (NU**) 1976-1980

Ronald Reagan & George H. W. Bush (NU) 1980-2000

*First name is president, second VP

** Coalition with Southern Party

Major Events & Elections

1860- Consitutional Union and Northern Democratic Party join together into National Union Party and win election.

1861- Stephan Douglas dies

1864- John Bell fails to gain as much support as Douglas had and looses election. Lincoln decides not to run again and supports his former ally Simon Cameron. Cameron nominates Lincoln as his VP and they win the election. But they do not hold a majority in congress and fail to pass many reforms. They manage to win relection though.

1872- Former President Millard Fillmore manages to win the election for the NU

1874- Millard Fillmore dies in office.

1876- The Southern Party, which was formed quickley and never planned to be a long lasting party collapses and goes bankrupt. Over the next few elections they gain very little support as they rebuild. Samuel Jones Tilden takes advatage of this and focuses much of his capaign on the South and wins the presidency.

1884- Thomas Hendricks continues to focus much of his campaign in the south leading to victory.

1885- Thomas Hendricks dies in office and his VP Grover Cleveland becomes president.

1892- Grover Cleveland ingnores the south during his presidency and campaign and gives the Southern party a chance to rebuild, which they do. This leads to a narrow Republican victory.

1896- Kentucky Senator Joseph Clay Blackburn essentially spends 4 years campaigning in the South. He nominates the former president Grover Cleveland as his VP to draw in Northern votes and wins the election.

1908- Grover Cleveland dies and a new VP is elected.

1912- With Blackburn's retirement NU nominee William Jennings Bryan fails to gain much southern support. Simoltaniously Theodore Roosevelt appeals to Northern worker's and takes those votes away from Bryan. Roosevelt wins by a landslide

1915- President Roosevelt declares that the US's European allies needed their help and that Germany was a threat to the US. He enters the war.

1917- WW1 ends.

1920- Carter Glass, the first ever non-Souther Party governor of Virginia, wins the NU nomination for president. As his VP he chooses ultra-popular New York Governor Al Smith to help carry Northern votes. Roosevelt fell ill and decided against running for re-election which essentially locked it up for the NU.

1929- The stock market crashes.

1932- Carter is shot by an African-American slave while campaigning in his home state of Virginia and is badly wounded. He cannot run for re-election. Al Smith attempts to enter the race but party officals block him saying that it is to late to get on the ballot. Infuriated Al Smith endorses Republican Herbert Hoover. Hoover, who already has great support due to the fact that he proved that he is an excellant administrator during WW1 and many people think this is just what they need to get out of the depression, now gains most of the Northern NU support. He wins by the biggest landslide since George Washington.

1941- Al Smith resigns from the Vice-Presidency because he feels the US should only go to war with Japan not Germany.

1944- Al Smith wins the NU nomination and is the frontrunner but dies suddenly just 3 weeks before the election. Herbert Hoover manages to win.

1948- Storm Thurmond, the first non-Southern party senator from South Carolina since 1894, wins the NU nomination and convinces war-hero Dwight Eisenhower to be his VP. He handily defeats Hoover.

1952- Eisenhower realizes his mass popularity and challanges and defeats Thurmond for the NU nominaion. He then declares Thurmond his VP fearing that the man may run as an independant.

1960- Eisenhower retires and Thurmond again wins the presidency.

1964- The Kennedy brothers, JFK and RFK, run and excellant campaign and win the presidency but the NU keeps control of congress.

1972- With the Southern Party fearing that if the Republicans win again they may also win control of congress and outlaw slavery and the NU fearing that another Republican victory may mean a permant end to the NU era, the two decide to form a presidental coalition. They nominate Alabama Governor George Wallace who goes on to win the presidency.

1980- A number of NU members break from the coalition and nominate Ronald Reagan. Reagan narrowly defeats Wallace and the Republican. Bill Clinton wins congressional seat in Arkansas as an NU canidate.

1988- Bill Clinton named Seceratary of State

1992- Ross Perot wins Southern nomination and begins leading them away from radicalism.

1994- Bill Clinton breaks from Reagan over several disagreements and resigns.

1996- Bill Clinton joins the Southern Party and wins governorship of Arkansas

2000- 20 years of Reagan presidency come to an end when he announces his plans to retire.



The party countinues to try to find its identity with canidates ranging from the center-right to the hard left. The main thing that holds this party together is its oppostition to the continued practice of slavery.

- Senator John McCain

- General Colin Powell

- Former Senator Robert Charles Krueger

- Senator Joe Biden

- Senator Harry Reid

National Union

The party of the small goverment, reagan right they have controlled the presidency for the last 28 years and 44 of the last 52 years.

- Vice President George H. W. Bush (OFF)

- Politicain Micheal Reagan

- Senator Ron Paul

- Governor George W. Bush


This party has existed since 1860 but never won the presidency or a majority in congress but with a moderate and former National Union seceratary of state leading the charge this may be their year.

- Governor Bill Clinton

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Some possible issues

International Isolation: The US has been under sanctions from the rest of the World for it's continued practice of slavery, and this has placed a horrible toll on the american economy.

Term Limits: Someone with a degenerative mental illness has been ruling the nation for 10 years. Should we allow this to be repeated?

btw how the heck did HHH end up on a ticket that supported slavery? Humprehy was one of the leaders in IRL on the issue of civil rights- he took on the bigots like Thurmond at the 48 convention.

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