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Canada 2004


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I only know of the alternative Canada 2004 - United Right Scenario, which neither has more candidates or pictures, so i think not.

I too only have one version on my PC but it is a Non-United Right scenario with just 4 parties (CA, PC, NDP and Lib)

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Do you mean non-united right with the Canadian Alliance and the PC?


I think the only scenario to reproduce the actual 2004 Canadian election with a united right was the official one produced by 80soft. Since I purchased the UK version I never saw this scenario.

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Sorry the post was weirdly duplicated for an unknown reason.

Interesting thread.

OldPC did a number of scenarios including Canada 1997 and 2000 under the name of Habsfan.

I wonder why 2004 does not appear on the website scenario page.

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