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Oklahoma 2CD - 2010

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2010 - Oklahoma's Second Congressional District

Democrat Rep. Dan Boren has decided to run for higher office (Governor, Senate... it doesn't matter), leaving his seat open. A crowded field in both parties hopes to replace him.

Heavily Democratic (but conservative) in everything but Presidential elections, the 2nd District has had only two Republicans: Alice Robertson (1921-1923), and Tom Coburn (1994-2000). Can one of the Republican candidates join those Robertson and Coburn? Or will the Democrat primary be the "real" election?

Here's the Rapidshare file; give your email if you want it sent to you instead.

This is my first scenario. Too bad you can't do proportional electoral votes... it would make Congressional races much more realistic...

Any input or suggestions are appreciated!

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I played it and it was great. Only constructive critisism I have is that it needs a third party.

Well, I thought about it, but only two independents have run since 1994, or earlier. Third parties are pretty weak anywhere, but in Oklahoma they're practically non-existent. The Green Party probably has less than 100 "members" state-wide; there may be a few more Libertarian or Constitution "members".

However, we have very restrictive ballot access laws. We had only two candidates on the presidential ballot in '04 and '08. The last party on the ballot other than GOP and Dems was Reform in '96, I believe, and only as a holdover from Perot's performance.

We have more independents run for Governor than congress; if I do a gubernatorial race, I will include an independent.

And so far, one of my Democrat candidates just announced for Lt. Governor... oh well, I did have some pretty good guesses on candidates. And my potential gubernatorial candidates are right on, so far...

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