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Career Mode Series - United States


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I plan on putting all of my other scenarios on hold to focus on this series of scenarios. I got the idea from Treasurer of the PC's scenario series. Basically, this is how it will run down:

  • New York City Mayoral Election
  • State Senate Election
  • Become Senate Majority Leader
  • Run for Governor or the United States Senate
  • Run for President

So...I may do more than one scenario based on how many candidates there are. I may do a New York Gubernatorial Election and then an election to the Senate. Or, we could do Connecticut Gubernatorial or California. It depends.

I will need your help with candidates so please post them here! Also, here are the parties I will use:

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Libertarian Party

Constitution Party

Green Party


I would like about five candidates per party.

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I'd say that State Senator should definitely be before Mayor of New York. It's certainly a less prominent position, with many fewer constituents.

That being said, here are a few of candidates:

Jack Burden


Age: 27

Stats: Leadership 4, Integrity 2, Experience 1, Charisma 5, Stamina 4, Issue Familiarity 3, Debating 5

Bio: After graduating from NYU's prestigious law school, Jack Burden has decided to try his hand in politics. While born into an extremely wealthy family, Burden has developed strong liberal values and has developed a knack for articulating them. Burden is as ambitious as they come, and will stop at nothing to win.

Charlie Fitzpatrick


Age: 31

Stats: Leadership 3, Integrity 5, Experience 1, Charisma 5, Stamina 4, Issue Familiarity 4, Debating 4

Bio: Charlie Fitzpatrick has never had an easy go of it. His father was an alcoholic, and was never able to hold down a job. Charlie had to work his entire life, simply to provide for his family. He worked his way through law school, after which he worked as a paralegal for the NAACP. After a few heartbreaking years working on the streets of New York, he's decided to run for office, to change the system.

Lou Cyr


Age: 46

Stats: Leadership 4, Integrity 3, Experience 4, Charisma 4, Stamina 4, Issue Familiarity 2, Debating 2

Bio: After retiring at the age of 45 from his Wall Street firm, Lou Cyr had a tough time doing nothing. While his doctors urged him to simply relax for a few years, "Big Lou" had never been one to take orders. He decided to launch a political career, running on a platform of legalizing drugs and cutting taxes. While the Republican Party usually ignores libertarians like Cyr, Big Lou is just wealthy enough that he might have to be listened to.

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Here's some canidates:



Age: 49

Stats: Leadership 4, Integrity 3, Experience 2, Charisma 3, Stamina 4, Issue Familiarity 5, Debating 2

Bio: Jimmy Blasser was born to poor German imigrant parents. He spent his own adult life poor and as a factory worker. He soon became involved in "Unoin Politics" and rose to the head of his local union. He hopes to use this established support to win over voters.



Age: 37

Stats: Leadership 3, Integrity 4, Experience 3, Charisma 3, Stamina 5, Issue Familiarity 4, Debating 3

Bio: Nelson Cand grew up in a lower-middle class family, along with 4 brothers. He worked hard in school though and managed, threw a combination of saving up money, scholarships, and federal grants, to get into Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs in Princeton University. Afterwords he served for over a decade as a diplomat to several internatoinal organizations including the UN and the Organization of American States. He has now decided to get into elected politics.

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I'm actually almost done with the New York City Mayoral Election. Do not post your email. I will post the megaload link. PLEASE, don't be the person to ruin it for everyone. I am begging you not to post your email. If you do, I will only send it to a few select people.


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