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In the summer of 2008 several of the top leaders of United Russia, among them Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, are arrested for orcastrating the murders of several journalists opposed to them. This leads to a complete collapse of United Russia. Special elections are scheduled for 2010. There are five major parties, three of which are born from the ashes of United Russia, who are now hoping to capture the presidency.

Parties annd Canidates

Communist Party: The communist party has long been the second largest party in Russia. Will they now be able to capture the presidency?

- Gennady Zyuganov: The founder of the Communist Party and the definate favourite for the nomination.

- Vladimir Tikhonov: In July 2004 a breakaway faction elected Vladimir Tikhonov as its leader. The faction later formed the All-Russia Communist Party of the Future. The operation wasn't successful and now Vladimir hopes to gain the Communist Party nomination for president.

Union of Right forces: The Liberal Democratic Partyabout 9.5% of the vote in 2008 and have now decided to become part of the formerly defunct Union of Right Forces. It has has gained a little more support since 2008 thanks to this. Many consider this a dived party between the Liberal Democrats (ultra-nationalist) and the more plain conservative former members of the Union.

- Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and co-founder of the party.

- Philipp Bobkov: Former director of the KGB and an important part of the founding of the Liberal Democrtic Party.

- Nikita Belykh: Former Leader of the Union of Right Forces.

- Leonid Goizman: Former Chairman of the Union of Right Forces.

Democratic Coalition: This Coalition is made up of the former supporting parties of United Russia, Agrarian Party, Fair Russia, Russian Ecological Party and Civilian Power in addtion to the Democratic Party and Union of Social Democrats. This is a left wing democratic party and considered a front runner.

- Andrei Bogdanov: The leader of the Democratic party and considered by many a populist.

- Vladimir Plotnikov: The former leader of the Agrarian Party and a believer in Agrarianism and Socialism.

- Sergey Mironov: Leader of Fair Russia and a supporter of Democratic Socialism.

- Anatolii Panfilov: Leader of the Ecological Party and a "Green"

- Mikhail Barshchevsky: Leader of Civilian Power and a Liberal

- Mikhail Gorbachev: Former President of the Soviet Union and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He is a Social Democrat and a frontrunner for the nomination

Fatherland Party: Originally a party in and of itself in became party of United Russia in 1999. After the controversy though the Fatherland Party again split from United Russia. A center to center-left party.

- Yury Luzhkov: Mayor of Moscow since 1992 and former vice-chairman of United Russia. Many consider it pure luck that he escape connecntion to the murder charges.

United Russia: The current ruling party and centrists

- Sergei Shoigu: EMERCOM (Emergancy Situations) minister

- Valery Bogomolov: Secretary of the General Council

- Yury Volkov: Chairman of the Central Executive Committee



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Why are the Far Northeast regions (the Kamchatka Peninsula, the peninsula west of the Bering Strait, and Sakhalin) and the regions between St. Petersburg and Finland greyed out on the map, above? They're Russian territory last I checked.

Kazakhstan (labeled "Qazaqstan" on the map) should also not be included, since it isn't part of Russia.

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Very much looking foward to this one, how's it going so far? Also, this is off-topic but very strange, i've noticed alot of guests which are probably bots or spambots are congregating specifically onto your thread Abe despite the fact it's a couple of pages back, look at the number of views. I am one of 5 users on this page, as i type this.

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I know this as i regularly check the online list. For what was an old topic on the 3rd page, the level of people looking at it seemed abnormal. It could be certain words that have attracted what i think is just spambots, the words or "tags" could be "Russia" "putin" "medvedev" or "kasparov". Nothing can be done about it unless the forum is upgraded or changed forum company. Or, as you can edit your posts at anytime, and take out certain words, but what's the point? Theoryspark have done a good job keeping the spammers on the fringes of this forum, and thats where they'll stay.

I'll shut up now.

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