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Advertising and Momentum Chaos

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I recently created a new scenario from scratch, not using any sort of version of the default scenarios, and I've got it basically playing, but there are a couple of glitches that I feel might be created. Firstly, for television advertising, but I think not for other forms of advertising, the costs were negative. That is to say, if a candidate were to run a television ad across the whole country they would gain a couple million dollars for it per day. This is not supposed to happen. The other glitch concerned momentum: it was also inverted. That is to say, when a candidate ran such a television ad and ought to have been riding high momentum-wise, they would actually be pushing -10, and correspondingly a candidate around whom dozens of scandals hovered would Achieve the Big Mo'. The weird thing is, whenever I looked at the state-by-state momentum on the map it was the right way around. Basically, I just can't figure out what on earth is going on.

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