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Ok, I am now thinking of doing a new micronational election in the same style as the Terre-Neuve one.

Basically, this will be an Eastern Caribbean island based on GOP Progressive's Alexandria or maybe the Barbados or Jamaica in the real world.

Santos was a former British colony and French colony (like the model in Saint-Martin) who gained independance in 1940 (French side) and 1960 (English side), but remained very close with Britain and France, as more than half of the population is of French, British, Scottish and Irish origin with two official languages (English and French) and with more than 80% of the population is billingual due to the fact that the Martinique and Guadeloupe are very close to Santos. Tourism, banking, agriculture, shipping and services are the main industries.

I also made a small history of the island:

1494: The island was discovered by Christopher Colombus.

1508-1608: The island was a Spanish colony.

1580:The first city (San Juan) was founded.

1608:The island was conquered by the French.

1620-1708: Many french settlers came from France and New France.

1763:The island became English due to the Treaty of Paris.

1800:The island became French again due a raid made from the Guadeloupe.

1808-1814:Civil war in the island.

1820:A new treaty was made, the French will have the north side of the island and the English will have the south side.

1820-1920:Period of prosperity in the two sides.

1940:The french side declare independance due to the opposition to the Vichy regime in France.

1960:The english side declare a independance but keeps close ties to the UK.

1960:A referendum was made for a union proposal, the proposal passed by 80%. A constitution was adopted.

1960:The first union election was called.




Asian & South Asian:16%

Aboriginal (Carib and Arawak):4%


Conservative Party/Parti Conservateur=Center-right, moderate conservative.

Labor Party/Parti Travailliste=Center-left, social-democratic and with high support from Afro-Santonians.

Liberal Party/Union du Centre=Centrist and Economic liberalism.

Party of Regions/Parti des Régions=Populist and Conservative with pro-rural and agrian values. Have high support from Aboriginals.

Any comments or thoughts about this?

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Ok, I will begin this one as the Québec 1970 scenario is about 98% ready for beta testing.

Basically, this Québec scenario is interesting and important because it signal the final fall of the Union Nationale. It was also the first election for the Parti Québécois and the best showing ever of the Social Credit party.

I will try to put it on Megaupload soon (in the end of this week).

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I will work on this one soon after Samania is done as I will be on Spring Break in two weeks. However, do you think that I should do it with the Canadian/British, Australian or German system?

Also, how many seats should this assembly have?

Actually, I was thinking of offering you to finish my Simland scenario. I'm having some issues with the ridings file for it, and I think you'd do a good job. Plus I was thinking of having it be a combination of your Terre Neuve and my Simland idea. What do you think?

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The leaders:

Conservative Party/Parti Conservateur=Center-right, moderate conservative.


Jean Martin (age: 48): A charismatic and knowlededge leader. A former CEO of a shipping company, Martin is widely known for his economic conservatism and high power within the francophone communauty.


Marc Lord (age: 38): A billingual centrist lawyer. Lord is in household name as the unofficial leader of the ''new'' faction of the PC.

Labor Party/Parti Travailliste=Center-left, social-democratic and with high support from Afro-Santonians.


Marc Césaire (age: 38): A ''métis'', Césaire could be considered by some to be to the Santonian Barack Obama, with a great eloquence and knowledge of both cultures. A polygot, Césaire was a law professor at l'Université Notre Dame.

Liberal Party/Union du Centre=Centrist and Economic liberalism.


Alexandre Samov (age: 56): A widely known and charismatic university professor in Harvard and Oxford and author of many books, Samov is a second-generation Russian-Santonian. However, having been living for the last 30 years in the United States, France and Britain he is not considered a ''real'' Santonian by some.

Party of Regions/Parti des Régions=Populist and Conservative with pro-rural and agrian values. Have high support from Aboriginals.


Réal Simard (age:68): A MP since 1968, Simard is one of the most charismatic politician in Santos history. With his high-tone rhetoric which is a mix of populist conservatism, rural rights and french-aboriginal nationalism, he is widely known to work for the ''real people'' and the slient majority against ''the big money''. He was one of the first to use television for political purposes in Santos.

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I will do this for Chancellor Forever.

Ok, the rural areas will be divided between the PC and the PDR.

The main cities will be divided between the Labour, LIB and PC.

About 14 seats will be with the First Past the Post system and the rest with PR.

There will be seven parties in total with smaller parties having seats beause of PR:

Conservative (center-right)

Labour (center-left)

Liberal (centrist)

Parti des Régions (center-right)

RESPECT (former Communist Party) (left)

Green (left)

Heritage (right)

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Hey Matavail,

I can actually do this for Canada Forever using my Simland scenario but set on the Cyberland/Cyberia map. I realized yesterday that I didn't care much for the Newfoundland map and would prefer the Cyberland/Cyberia map.

I'll add in your four candidates to the current parties.

I'll add my issue list in a second.

@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5


Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortions.

Protect reproductive rights but keep abortion safe and rare.

Ban partial-birth abortions, but let the regions decide.

Ban abortion except for rape, incest and the mother’s life.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortion!


//Alexandria Relations

We should work with the Communist states to curb Alexandrian power.

We should stand up to the Alexandrian government more often.

Preserve our relationship with Alexandria but keep our distance.

Alexandria is our most important partner. Our ties must be closer.

All Hail Emperor Edgard II! Forge a customs union with them.


//Business Taxes

Establish a "windfall profits tax" to ensure that corporations pay their fair share.

Slight rises in corporate and business taxes, reduce corporate welfare.

Tax credits and incentives to help small businesses. Close loopholes.

Lower corporate taxes across the board to maintain business competitiveness.

Abolish the corporate tax and scale back federal spending to pay for it.


//Economic Policy

Support a socialist command economy to create jobs and eliminate unemployment.

Combine Keynesian economics with some nationalization and enhanced welfare state.

Interventionist economics: some public investment in infrastructure and industry.

Laissez-Faire economic plan: tax cuts, debt reduction, open markets.

Supply-Side economics: massive tax cuts, deregulation, and privatization.



Large increase in federal funding. Make free public education at all levels a national priority.

Increase federal funding for all-day schools and universities. Free tuition for undergraduate university study.

Priority for school funding, more national standards. Moderate university tuition, merit-based scholarships.

National quality standards and competition. Provide school vouchers. Make university fees tax-deductible.

Full privatization of education from kindgergarten to university. Reduce federal funding of education.



The environment comes first. Ban logging. Implement eco-taxes on pollution.

Protect the environment. Phase out logging. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Support incentives for clean energy, sustainable logging, and pollution prevention.

Relax environmental standards. Protect logging rights. The economy comes first.

Global warming is a hoax. Allow clear-cutting of forests. Stop eco-bureaucracy.



Significantly increase federal control. Reduce Provincial authority.

Provinces have their rights but the federal government is superior.

Keep a balance between federal and state governments.

Devolve more autonomous powers to the provinces.

Fully autonomous provinces. Allow for separation.


//Gay Rights

Equality demands legalization of same-sex marriage.

Support civil unions for same-sex couples.

Protect homosexuals from discrimination.

We should define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Bring back anti-sodomy laws.


//Grandica Crisis

Support the Grandican Communists. Death to the capitalist pigs!

We should stay neutral in Grandica Crisis and act as a peace broker.

Quarantine Communist Grandica, economically and diplomatically.

Actively support those trying to overthrow the Communist regime.

We must invade Grandica and bomb the Reds to hell!


//Gun Control

Ban all guns including hunting rifles.

Strengthen the gun registry. Ban handguns.

Cap costs on the gun registry. Keep gun control as is.

Scrap the gun registry. Support firearm owners' rights.

Abolish restrictions on assault weapons. No gun control!


//Health Service

Dramatically increase funding, abolish private sector, and provide free dental and home health care.

Increase funding for health service, reduce private involvement, and expand coverage to include perscription drugs.

Increase funding to reduce waiting, make health service more efficient, and reduce perscription drug costs.

Establish maximum acceptable wait times, and more private delivery of health care services.

Fully privatize the Health Service. Promote private insurance companies along American model.



Special rights for Samar speaking populations, while French should be our official language.

Special regional language rights should be applied. Increase bilingual standards.

French and English should be the predominant languages. Allow some multi-lingual services.

Allow provinces to end bilingualism if they don't need it. Encourage the English language.

English should be the only official language. Remove compulsory bilingualism.



Abolish the military, and replace it with a Ministry of Peace.

Reduce military spending, oppose any conscription.

Keep military spending as is. Promote national service.

Increase military budget. Bring back conscription.

Double the military budget, massive defense buildup!



We must atone for our imperialist, racist past! Radical redistribution programs are necessary!

We should embrace a multicultural heritage, best showcasing our tolerance and diversity.

We must move forward as a 'melting pot' nation. Maintain current multicultural programs.

Multiculturalism only encourages division. We must preserve our historic Western culture.

Celebrate and protect our White-European roots. Scrap all multicultural initiatives.


//National Unity

Support full sovereignty for Samania. Consider independence from Simland.

Samania should be recognized as a "Distinct Society" within Simland.

Samania has valid grievances but we must protect our union first.

No distinct society status. Treat all provinces and citizens equally.

Samania should be placed under direct federal rule. That'll sort them out.


//Personal Taxes

Raise income taxes for the top 5% and a "wealth tax" to help redistribute income more fairly.

Support a carbon tax, with some tax relief, to allow for a "green shift." Try to be revenue neutral.

Some tax cuts, but not at the expense of any programs. Close loopholes.

We need a flat income tax. Reduce income and property taxes across the board.

Enact a "tax shift" from income taxes to a GST system for fair taxation and economic growth.


//Senate Reform

Abolish the Senate and support a multi-member district system for Parliament.

Increase Senate powers and expand Senate to 48 seats. Allow direct election of Senators.

Establish an "Elected, Equitable, and Effective Senate." Increase Senate to 32 seats.

Keep the appointed Senate as is. The Senate's power must remain limited.

Grant the President the right to appoint Senators rather than the Prime Minister.



The "Terrorists" are only defending against our imperialist policies. End military intervention.

Combat the root causes of terrorism by eliminating poverty. Reduce military operations.

Work with allies to fight terrorism, cut off terrorist financing, and limit military force.

Increase military and intelligence operations against terrorists. Use targeted assassination.

Terrorism must be stopped at all costs and by any means necessary. War is the only option!



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