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One of the things that I always thought needed improvement on theoryspark's excellent 2008 scenario were the issue descriptions and their positions on the state level. Seeing that I modified almost all of the issue descriptions for the 2008 scenario to include specific policy proposals and bills which were in play in the election in 2008.

So for example instead of the left position of abortion being just the safe, legal and rare line, I changed it to "No changes to Roe v. Wade. Keep partial-birth abortion legal. Support the Freedom of Choice Act in Congress."

The second thing I modified was the idea that a republican state, like a alabama, liked all conservative positions on issues, and democratic state like michigan takes all liberal positions. So I modified their issue positions to make a state like wisconsin to not be so prone for gun control or same sex marriage. I also tried to add an idea that both parties have issues where a broad spectrum of the country agrees and disagrees with them. So an issue like social security will stay center or center left in almost all states, as you could argue there is almost no appetite for change on his issue in the country. So while republicans may campaign on it in the primaries, they would never raise it in a general, as they'd lose. But they would bring up same sex marriage in a general, whereas the dems would never raise a left position on same sex marriage in a general election.

Doing this, I decided to create a new issue called faith, where the right generally focuses on christian principles, and the left on separation of church and state etc. I gave this issue a decisive republican advantage in most states, as most people agree that republicans generally win on the family values/faith issue in American politics.

Anyway I thought Id share this "issues package" with the wider forum community, as Ive applied them to various user scenarios with great enjoyment. So you can use them however you wish in any of your scenarios or not at all! Haha cheers


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