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Hey folks,

I'm most likely getting Campaigns Forever today (finally) and I'm contemplating a few scenarios. A couple in particular are the 2010 Texas Gubernatorial race and possibly the 2012 Texas Senatorial race. I heard recently that Kay Bailey Hutchinson was running for Governor of Texas, and therefore vacating her Senate Seat. The Republicans in the Senate primary I'm thinking would be a long list of names. So if anyone wants to help me out, it is much appreciated.

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I would say that the senate race would be quite interesting. For inspiration on how to make a good race, try some of Zion's scenarios on the theoryspark. sight. They give a good idea that basically every candidate that could run will run, as then the scenario will still be relavent (just turn off those who didn't run)

I know that it's worth putting Chet Edwards and Henry Cuellar in for the senate. They could both win statewide races.

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