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  1. 1. Which Asian country should I base this fictional country off of?

    • Japan
    • India
    • China & Taiwan
    • The Phillippines
    • Other

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Taiwan and India have some of the richest histories of democratic elections in Asia, even though Taiwan's began only recently. An Asian scenario would have a much bigger role for foreign policy-type issues than the usual domestic ones (e.g. relations with China, possibly India and Russia, plus Islam, women's rights, and genuine, unrevised Socialism in several countries).

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I think there are as many Filipinos outside the Philippines as there are inside... the government has a policy of trying to send as many people abroad, skilled or otherwise. Also Filipinos are the second biggest foreign minority in Hong Kong (after Chinese born outside HK but ahead of British and American) and are also very numerous in Japan and South Korea.

Which leads me to suggest this country could have a strong Filipino minority (say 80% Japanese, 15% Filipino, 5% others).

They could be fighting for equal rights, equal wages, equal opportunities (including career advancement); they could also be demanding to be recognized within the constitution as a distinct group; the idea pushed further, 80% of this minority group could be located in a few districts or provinces and demand scesesion (similar to the Malanje in Cyberia or the Bloc in Canada).

Or they could be all over the place, like American and Canadian aboriginals or some immigrants group in Europe and North America, therefore unable to gain any seats all by themselves yet still representing a strong block of voters which leaders of the two main parties could aim for, Filipinos being mainly immigrants, would be a bigger influence in bigger towns.

Or something in between, like Hispanic people in southern USA, pretty much stread out yet much more influent in some areas (say Texas) rather than others (say North Dakota)....

Just an idea.

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Maybe something multiethnic like Singapore will be a good idea to have a little bit of everything:

Basically it will be:




5%=Filipino (Mainly from recent immigration)


Basically with 4 major parties:

-National Party: Center-Right: Strong within the buisness sector (Chinese and Indian)

-Democratic Alliance:Center: Strong within the middle class (Chinese, Indian and Malay)

-Workers Party: Strong within the working class and unions

-National Union: Populist Anti-immigration party, especially strong among the Eurasian and Malay population.

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I am always fascinated by how people behave.

The guy who will write the scenario says "The voters have spoken. Japan it is."

Then, matvail2002 propose "50% Chinese, 30% Indian..."

I mean no offence to matvail, its simply funny and fascinating.

Lol, I knew about the decision, I was doing it only to basically give some ideas about a future asian scenario as another post is dealing with the fictionnal Japan scenario as mentionned.

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