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Although I have several projects in the works already, I thought I'd propose this scenario as an experiment for an alternate use of the PM4E engine. It's just in the planning stage, anyways. It's ideal for anyone who said all politicians were crooks! ;)

Essentially, the map is Zion's NYC Mayor scenario one. It is 1932, and the four main Mafia families: Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese (each a 'party') struggle for dominance of New York's Underworld and title of 'don.' There's also two or three minor parties representing clusters of ethnic gangs whom historically the Mafia easily trounced. Then there's the Police, for those who want to play the 'good guys,' and though they begin reeling at the start from new Syndicate tactics (low in the polls), G-Men endorsers designed to only endorse them can help prop them up.

All activities will be renamed, and constiuencies will be Underworld 'operations' across the city. Issues will represent criminal interest in various Underworld endeavors (Drugs, Extortion, Hitman Work, Money Laundering, Prostitution, etc.), with the families and ethnic gangs typically being centre-left or left in interest (though at least one family abstained from prostitution and another from drugs, and thus would be centre on those), while the cops would be right on all of them (as would their G-Men endorsers, thus almost assuring they'd get them). The 'electorate' would represent sway over the 'common criminal' through various methods.

This is just an experimental idea. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, or thinks it's a dumb idea and won't work, please tell me.

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Okay, given there's 44 views and no replies, I guess this was a bad idea. It was meant as a somewhat abstraction from the base ideas of the engine, but, looking at it in the cold light of day, I suppose it wouldn't work. It just stretches the engine a little too far, I guess. I'll just stick to my current projects, all of which are literally actual orthodox elections. It admin wants to delete this thread, go ahead.

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