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On June 11, 2008, a non-binding censure motion was passed by the House of Councilors, Japan's opposition-controlled upper house of the National Diet, by the Democratic Party of Japan and two other parties against Liberal Democratic Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, who shortly thereafter resigned as PM. His successor as leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and Prime Minister, Taro Aso, has called elections for the House of Representatives, the lower house, for September 2009.

The political parties are (the leader is in brackets):

-Liberal Democratic Party (Taro Aso)

-Democratic Party of Japan (Ichiro Ozawa)

-New Komeito Party (Akihiro Ota)

-Japanese Communist Party (Kazuo Shii)

-Social Democratic Party (Mizuho Fukushima)

-People's New Party (Tamisuke Watanuki)

-New Party Nippon (Yasuo Tanaka)

-New Party Daichi (Muneo Suzuki)

Japan does have full MPP, thus this is a C4E scenario. There will be a high alienation rate, as Japan has a high proportionate number of apolitical citizens. Is there anyway to directly sway voters nationwide after an endorsement? I ask because traditionally when a big Japanese corporation endorses a candidate, it's often the case, given corporate loyalties the likes of which are unknown in the Western World, for a big chunk of that corporation's employees to vote for that candidate. Also, I'll have to unfortunately Westernize the order of the candidates' names to get the engine to recognize their proper surname.

Some issues:

-Economic Crisis

-JDF in Iraq


-Medical Care Plan (the issue that lead to the censure)

-Population Statistics (by this I mean addressing Japan's alarmingly low birth rate and growing aging population)

-North Korea

-Pacific Rim Trade

If anyone has any ideas or comments, please post.

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Whereas I would like to finish and focus on a real world Japan 2009 scenario, I don't mind offering support for your project where I can. I've studied Japan quite a bit as a personal interest over the years, and can offer some assistance to your scenario. Perhaps in this fictional world, Kozekura (should be with an 'e' instead of an 'a' in the middle, if you're referring to the word for 'cherry blossom') may have been a close-to-Home-Island of Japan, like Okinawa, made into an independent country with the treaty ending World War II. That's just an initial thought there.

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Now that the exit polls are in for this election and it actually turned out interesting, not just another sleepy LDP win, I think I may begin work on the foundations of this one, among several other current projects. Is there any chance anyone could create a map of Japan divided into it's 47 prefectures, please? Thanks in advance!

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See the Kokazura scenario for a good reference.

Basically, the parliamentary system in Japan is really different than in the West. The Diet is more and less of a branch of the public service, whose high-ranking public servants have a lot to say in the law passed in the parliament. Also, major conglomerates, are actually super-endorsers in Japan was have a life-death position on major parties and leaders.

Between major parties (expect maybe with the Communist party), they are not a lot of differences in platforms as the executive public servants stay put. So, ss one of my Japanese friend told me, it was that the electorate voted against the LDP (Japan's natural party) and not necessary for the ideas of the JDP. The LDP did have many leadership problems with about three leaders in four years (I think) and Taro Aso was quite unpopular.

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I've actually begun some serious work on this one, researching the election and system more seriously. It seems 7 parties and then a handful of indies actually got seats in this election, so those'll be the eight I'll include. I still think GOP Progressive's issue list above is still good, and Treasurer's map is absolutely splendid. I'm just hoping I won't have to learn to read Japanese to get the fine details. :P

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Climate Change


Demographic Problems

Economic Policy



Health Care

National Defense

North Korea


Social Security

Tax Reform




US Relations

Any ideas on some stances for some of these? I'm currently doing some serious work on this one.

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I might be interested. Did you enjoy my new Kozakura scenario?

Your Kozakura scenario is somewhat of an inspiration to a RL Japan scenario in how you did it, actually. It's quite well done! I would look forward to any interest and support for my Japan 2009 scenario.

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Your Kozakura scenario is somewhat of an inspiration to a RL Japan scenario in how you did it, actually. It's quite well done! I would look forward to any interest and support for my Japan 2009 scenario.

I know I have Aso and Hatoyama's pictures of party leaders in that scenario, I think I have the other minor leaders in there as well- at least the New Komeito and the JCP leaders.

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Currently, I'm looking for an alternative site in English that tells the candidates in each constituency and their percentages. The one I currently found lists most minor party members as 'Independents' and won't state their party affiliation; only the LDP, DPJ, New Komeito, and SDP have party labels on their candidates in this source. Any suggestions?

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It's not finished yet. It's somewhere on my big docket of projects at some point. However, my West Germany 1949 scenario (which I'm somewhat surprised you made no request for - it's thread is just several more down) is pretty much finished save for a pesky error I can't figure out and can't seem to find someone who both can and will (and has the time) to help me figure it out blocking it's release.

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