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Terre-Neuve 2008


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Ok, I will make my first scenario for the Australian PM4E from a country called Terre-Neuve which was founded from settlers from France,Samania, Alexandria, Cyberland and Cyberia which is essentially in the actual Newfoundland and Labrador.

It will be based on the Newfoundland and Labrador map, with the Australian voting system with compulsory voting.

There will be four parties:

Parti National=Center-Right (led by Nicolas Bernocci)

Parti Socialiste=Center-Left (led by Karl Mass)

Front National=Right (led by Édouard Dumont)

Union du Centre=Center (led by David Smith)

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Sure, I just finished a Beta Version, however the issues are not completely done.

I've done two versions: One for the Canadian PM4E and other for the German C4E.

Please send me your e-mail right here if you want a copy and I will send you one.


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It's late coming, but i finally got round to playing this. I say the fundraising power is much, much too strong, it's too easy. I ended up with a high score of 206 for parti national, i think thats a new record, lol, (I cleared my high scores recently).

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