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Alaska Senatorial Election 2008


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I am putting my Nevada Gubernatorial Election scenario on hold for a bit to work on the Alaskan Senatorial Election in 2008. I will need help making the map. Basically, what I want is for it to be a map of the state, but instead of it showing counties, it will show the major cities and in the areas where there are not major cities, it will just be called "Outer Alaska." Here are the cities I'd like to include:





So...this means that there would be five regions. Here are the candidates:


Mayor Mark Begich

Ray Metcalfe

Frank Vondersaar

Ethan Berkowitz (off)

Diane Benson (off)

Eric Croft (off)

Tony Knowles (off)


Senator Ted Stevens

Michael D. Corey

David Cuddy

Gerald Heikes

Rick Sikma

Vic Vickers

Richard Wanda

Sarah Palin (off)

Sean Parnell (off)

Alaskan Independence

Robert M. Bird


Fredrick D. "David" Haase


Ted Gianoutsos

Andrew Halcro (off)

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