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Foot Soilders

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As I recall they reflect turnout. So you have 5 FootSoliders and the opponent only has a couple—and Momentum is roughly even—you should win the undecided vote plus some % higher than expected vote in that state.

But that's only what I think offhand, I could be wrong.

Don't think thats true. I tested it with a scenario of mine where I just concentrated on one state with a big. pop and it turned out that it was one of the lowest turn-outs out of the whole country. Even though that state was very infavour of my party's policies, had a lot of foot soldiers, +ads.

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In P4E I thought they were the main thing that raised your vote share. Every foot soldier has 50% chance of winning 1% of the undecided vote each turn. Negative moment gives the chance of taking away votes from rivals turning them into undecided. Footsoldiers and positive momentum then allow you to convert those votes to supporting you.

In PM4E British I noticed very high turnouts in close seats I targetted and which had a lot of footsoldiers. Glasgow parliamentary 1992 scenario, I had about 7-8 FS in my own seat that I tried to hold, and each of the other parties around 5. Turnout was over 80% compared to 60-65% in neighboring constituencies which I'd contested.

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