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New Brittania General Election 2009


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What if the British empire never fell? What if the British government halted the Irish potato famine and ensured Irish loyalty? What if this fictional British empire found a USA-like ally in Alexandria? What will happen if the empire's faith is put to the test in a milestone election? What would a world look like without a superpower like the USA?


Conservative and Unionist


Liberal Democrat

Celtic (Sinn Fein crossed with Plaid Cymru and the SNP)

Right Alliance (UKIP, BNP, and Tory Right)





Home Counties

















Alexandria Relations

Asylum + Immigration





Equal Rights

Law and Order




Nuclear Deterrent



Tax Policy


Trade Unions


@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5


Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortions.

Protect abortion rights but keep it safe and rare.

Ban partial-birth abortions, but let the regions decide.

Ban abortion except for rape, incest and the mother’s life.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortion!


//Alexandria Relations

We should work with the Communist states to curb Alexandrian power.

We should stand up to the Alexandrian government more often.

Preserve our relationship with Alexandria but keep our distance.

Alexandria is our most important partner. Our ties must be closer.

All Hail Emperor Edgard II! Forge a customs union with them.


//Asylum + Immigration

Amnesty for all asylum seekers. End racist restrictions on free movement.

Make immigration easier, greater rights to asylum seekers.

Immigrants our economy needs and genuine asylum seekers.

Place strict quotas on levels of immigration and asylum.

Immediately expel all immigrants and asylum seekers.



Full independence to Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

We need to increase devolved powers.

Devolution is working.

Devolution needs to be cut back.

Abolish the devolved parliaments.



Massive funding for new education programs. Abolish private education.

Scrap university fees and increase funding for schools and teachers.

Invest in schools. Replace the student loan system with grants.

Support tougher national standards and promote school accountability.

Support school vouchers for students. Reduce state education funding.



Imperialism is morally wrong. Give independence to territories.

The Empire is a waste of money. Reduce imperial presence.

Protect current imperial territories and colonies.

We must expand the empire and strengthen colonies.

All savages that oppose us must be exterminated!



The environment comes first. Implement eco-taxes on pollution.

Protect the environment. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Support incentives for clean energy and pollution prevention.

Relax environmental standards. The economy comes first.

Global warming is a hoax. Stop eco-bureaucracy.


//Equal Rights

Equality demands legalization of same-sex marriage.

Support civil unions for same-sex couples.

Leave it to the courts and regions to decide.

We should define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Gay adoption should be outlawed, too.


//Law and Order

Support restorative justice, reduce sentencing. No police state!

Promote rehabilitation and scale back police powers.

Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.

Put more police on the street. Crack down on criminals.

Bring back the death penalty. Support national ID cards.



Abolish the military. Create a Ministry of Peace!

Reduce military spending, oppose any conscription.

Keep military spending as is. Promote national service.

Increase military budget. Bring back conscription.

Double the military budget, massive defense buildup!


// Monarchy

Abolish the Monarchy. Move to a full Republic.

The Monarchy is outdated; reduce Royal powers.

Keep the status quo with some royal powers.

Increase the powers of the Royals.

Make Parliament an advisory body.



Dramatically increase funding, end all private sector interference.

Increase funding. Cut private sector involvement.

Work to cut costs and reduce waitlists, public-private relationship is essential.

Establish maximum acceptable wait times, and more private delivery of health care services.

Fully privatize the National Health Service.


//Nuclear Deterrent

Disarm all our nuclear weapons now, pursue nuclear-free NB.

Reduce nuclear stockpiles, and oppose trident renewal.

We should only reduce nukes if our foes reciprocate.

Maintain nuclear deterrent, and support trident renewal.

We must increase nuclear arsenal to annihilate our enemies.



Guaranteed public pension for all, rises with average earnings. No private investment.

Provide more help for poorest. Increase public pension funding and basic provision.

Pension benefits should be means-tested, but generous. Tax incentives for saving.

Reduce provisions. Support partial privatization of the public pensions.

End public subsidy. Support full privatization of the public pensions.



Support full nationalisation of all industry in a command economy.

Reverse privatisation of transport, energy and mining industries.

Privatisation should be complemented by extensive regulation.

More competition in markets. Support privatization of industry.

Privatize all industries. National ownership is intrinsically bad.



Redistribute income from rich to the working class.

Increase taxes on wealthy and corporations.

Cut taxes but not at expense of public services.

Reduce income and corporate taxation across the board.

Establish a flat income tax. Abolish estate tax.



The "Terrorists" are only fighting Brittania imperialism.

Terror suspects should get due process.

Terror suspects can be held under house arrest without trial.

Terror suspects can be imprisoned without trial.

Terror suspects are scum and should be executed.


//Trade Unions

Mandate closed shop agreements for every worker. Limit manager pay.

Unions are good for our economy. Protect and strengthen union rights.

Try to legislate a balance between unions and management.

Unions have far too much power. Relax dismissal protections.

Unions should be outlawed. Severely curtail the right to strike.



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Interesting! Do you have a map?

Also, will you add the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey?

Yes, I do have a map that Treasurer and another fellow made for me.

The Isle of Man is a seat in Northumbria right now, and it happens to be the only Conservative seat.

I'm not going to add the Channel Islands of right now.

I have completed the outline for the ridings, now all I have to do is get specific candidates for each riding. I'll hopefully get some work done on Thursday and Friday- then I can work on Simland.

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Labour Candidates:

Gordon Brown

Alastair Darling

Douglas Alexander

Ed Balls

Hilary Benn

Hazel Blears

Andrew Burnham

Yvette Cooper

John Denham

Harriet Harman

Geoff Hoon

Peter Mandelson

David Miliband

Ed Miliband

Jacqui Smith

Alan Johnson

Jack Straw

Tony Benn

Dennis Skinner


David Cameron

George Osbourne

William Hague

Kenneth Clarke

Michael Howard

Dominic Grieve

Liam Fox

Michael Gove

David Willetts

David Davis

Chris Grayling

Eric Pickles

Theresa May

Alan Duncan

Adam Afriyie

Caroline Spelman

Liberal Democrat:

Nick Clegg

Vince Cable

Simon Hughes

Chris Huhne

Charles Kennedy

Edward Davey

Menzies Campbell

Lynne Featherstone

Julia Goldsworthy

John Hemming

Lembit Opik

Mark Oaten

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Celtic (Sinn Fein crossed with Plaid Cymru and the SNP):

Gerry Adams

Alex Salmond

Martin McGuiness

Ieuan Wyn Jones

Gordon Wilson

John Swinney

John Hume

Right Alliance (UKIP, BNP, and Tory Right):

Nigel Farage

Bob Spink

Roger Knapman

Jeffrey Titford

Michael Holmes

Tom Wise

John Whittaker

Michael Henry Nattrass

Derek Roland Clark

Graham Booth

Godfrey Bloom

Gerard Batten

Robert Kilroy-Silk

Nick Griffin

Richard Barnbrook


Caroline Lucas

Sian Berry

Jean Lambert

Derek Wall

Margaret Wright

Keith Taylor

Darren Johnson

Robin Harper

Patrick Harvie

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First play:

Natalie Roberts, spend the whole duration of the game attacking Spencer lol, I was hovering around the 50 seat target waiting for Labour to form a coalition government with me. All of a sudden they go with the Celtic Alliance, lol the next turn Spencer offers me a coalition government. I get savaged by the voters anyway... and only get 31 seats.

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The most I've won with the Tories is 46% of the vote and 349 seats as Spencer. Wharton usually does slightly worse, at 44% and 326 seats. This election is slightly biased towards the right (as is the RL New Brittania), but if Labour and the Lib Dems emphasize the right issues (domestic, devolution, and environmental policy)- they can reach their goals.

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The Celtic party can't seem to participate in any of the the endorsers? Is that the way it's meant to be? The regional newspapers should have "0" under national endorser.

Actually, it was solved very easily by making the Celtic Party a national party rather than a regional one.

Yeah, I've corrected a few other bugs that I have noticed in further beta-tests.

Thanks for pointing it out Treasurer!

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