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Greater Commonwealth of United States Beta


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First of all I would like to acknowledge the brilliant map is by Treasurer of the UK. I am officially asking his permission now. Sooo here it is, yours for the testing a union of the major English-Speaking countries (Sans Canada) I've basically just built up Treasurer's brilliant UK-US Union scenario to include Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines and to include a powerful new Party.( The Labour Party) And you'll soon find out that my map uh... takes liberties with Georgraphy...

I've made the Labour Party primaries all on the same day, not because I'm lazy, but because I've made it so that they all count the ballot papers in one day and say the results. Just remember that this is beta days and I take NO responsibilty for any harm or error that may come to your system as a result of using this scenario.

Help would be appreciated, especially with creating a better map... As well as any feedback you may have.

So without further ado:


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