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Québec Referendum 1980 and 1995.

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Ok, after my bug is resolved for 1973, I will work on two quick scenarios for a referendum (I will do first 1995 than 1980).

This was a probably be the first referendum for PM4E.

NOTE: For 1995, the NO side had a large lead at the beginning of the month of october, so it will be pretty difficult to put real numbers.

I am also working on 1960, 1962, 1966 and 1970, however this will take some time, of course!

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Forget maybe that yes logo above, i've done my own no for 1995, and want to do yes with the same format, but with blue background.


However, do you not want it "Oui" and "Non" instead? I'll leave it for now.

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Ok, thanks for your help, but they had already made an official logo for 1995 for the OUI and the NON side.

I need one of you to reformate-it to make it look better.

Of course, you must put OUI and NON because French is the only official language of Québec. I never seen any english signs (for the YES or NO sides) for the 1995 referendum, however the ballot was in two languages.


The slogan means something like: The separation? We're right to say no! (La séparation? Nous avons raison de dire non) However, Séparation rhymes with Raison which rhymes with Non.


The slogan means something like: Yes and it's becoming possible! (Oui et ça devient possible).

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