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Which Québec scenario should I do next?


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I am working on Québec '94 and I ask you which Québec (or Canadian) scenario should I do next?

Québec 1970: The Liberals regain power leaded by a charismatic young leader named Robert Bourassa. Also, the PQ make a small breakthrough with 7 seats and 23%. This was also the highest score with the Québec's Social Credit Party (lead by Camil Samson) with 12 seats and 11%.

Québec 1973: A liberal knockout with 102 seats! However the PQ had a respectable score of 30% with 6 seats!

100% DONE (however with a small bug): http://rapidshare.com/files/161905033/Queb...Error_.rar.html

Québec 1960: This was the MOST important election in Québec's history where the Liberal won a victoire with the promess of great reform for French Canadians. This was later called the Révolution Tranquille (Quiet Revolution).

Québec 1962: A snap election which was mainly called to give a mandate to nationalize all electricity (Hydro-Québec). However, the liberals had a powerful slogan (which was ironically created by a New York-based publicity firm):

Maîtres Chez Nous (which can be translated into Masters in our own home). This was also the election were the first televised debate was made (the next one was in 1994! :o)

Québec 1966: This was one of the most suprising election ever in Québec as the Union Nationale won against all odds with 56 seats and only 40% with the liberals having 47% and only 50 seats! :o

Referendum 1980 and Referendum 1995: This will be surely one of the first referendum ever made for PM4E.

Basically, there will be 2 parties, the OUI Party and the NON Party and each riding will have it's own pourcentages.

Charlottetown Accord Referendum 1992: Basically the same concept but with a national map.

Comments? Suggestions?

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