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This is just an update for other 2012 scenarios with the candidates that I think which are possible:


Barack Obama

Dennis Kucinich

Joe Biden (OFF)

Gavin Newson (OFF)


Bobby Jindal

Mike Huckabee

Sarah Palin

Mitt Romney

Mark Sanford

Rick Santorium (OFF)

Tom Ridge

Joe Liberman (OFF)

Matt Blunt

Charlie Crist

Meg Whitman

Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Fred Smith

David Petraeus

Carly Fiorina

Tim Pawlerly

Condoleezza Rice (OFF)


Ron Paul


Chuck Baldwin

Darrell Castle


Cynthia McKinney

Matt Gonzalez


Michael Bloomberg

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Lieberman at 70 seems unlikely to a) Completely switch parties and B) Run for president again.

Santorum also seems unlikey. Maybe the two of them should be turned off.

Also Nader is no longer affiliated with the Green Party, and hasn't been during his last 2 presidential campaigns. Cynthia McKinney, or someone else, would be a more likely candidate there, with Nader as an Independent. He'll also be 78, so that's a little uncertain.

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Paul isn't even a Libratarian and has said he would never run on a third party ticket.

Mike Gravel, Bob Barr, Wayne Allen Root, Mary Ruwart are Libratarians and should be added to the list.

The day we believe anything Ron Paul says is the day I know our nations is really in trouble. :lol:

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