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It is 2011 and things look grim for Canadian unity. The economic crisis has flowered into a full recession, dropping oil prices and causing mass inflation and economic instability. A bickering minority gov't and it's three opposition parties in Ottawa has been unable to agree on solutions for this state of affairs. This has led some people in the West, Quebec, and amongst certain Native groups to feel they may do better if they managed their own affiars, more people than before. In a 2010 provincial election, a surprise ADQ/PQ coalition is formed to govern Quebec, bent on seperation. The BQ is reorganized with a new leadership to better represent the seperatist coalition federally, not just the PQ. Meanwhile, in provincial elections in early 2011, the Seperation Party of Alberta and the Western Independence Party actually win seats (though only a few) in Alberta and Saskatchewan, respectively, but a shocking message is sent home to Ottawa. Also, a Pan-Native pro-sovereinty lobby group called the First Nations Sovereignty Front, is formed. A federal election is called for October, 2011. In the running are not only the Conservatives, Liberals, New Democrats, Bloc Quebecois, and Greens, but a revitalized Western Bloc Coalition made viable by Western seperatist wins provincially, and two popular independents, one each in the Nunavut and Western Arctic constituencies, backed by the FNSF, even though they're not officially a party. At stake may be the unity of the nation.

Any thoughts or comments, anyone?

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This uncompleted scenario is a good start: http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showto...hl=ontario+bloc

I am thinking something like this for a ''doomsday scenario'' (through this is not very much plausible)

-All the federalist parties presents only one candidate in each riding in Québec and Alberta.

The Conservative Party (now led by Bernard Lord) and the Liberal Party (now led by Dalton McGuinty) are forming an ''National Unity Coalition''. The Bloc Québécois had now changed it's name to the Parti des Francophones and now have known candidates in all francophone areas in Canada with a greater chance than ever to be in the official opposition because the party now have members of all political strances in almost every francophone area in the country.

-In Newfoundland and Labrador, a separatist party in elected with Danny Williams as leader because the province is now rich in oil. The party is now running canadidates federally.

-In Ontario, a new ''far-right'' party is in the opposition demanding a stop in immigration and the end of multiculturalism. This party now have a massive base outside of the GTA.

-In BC a US-Annexion party is in the opposition with the intention of running candidates federally.

In Yukon, a new Alaska-Yukon Party is formed to annex the Yukon with Alaska. The party has won a majority in the Yukon Assembly.

-In New Brunswick, an Acadian Party is now in the opposition demanding the creation of an Acadian province.

-In Nunavut, 15 Independant MLA led by Premier Paul Ogaluk had decided to create an Inuit Party demanding more powers for the territory.

So, these are the parties by order of straight:

National Unity Coalition (Conservatives + Liberals)

Parti des Francophones (PDF=60% in Quebec, 40% in New Brunswick, 15% in Ontario, 15% in Manitoba, 5% elsewhere)

NDP (Tied with the Green Party)

Green Party (Tied with the NDP)

Western Bloc Party (Strong in Alberta, Rural BC, Sask, Manitoba)

Canadian National Party (Far-Right, Populist, Anti-Immigration) (Strong in Rural Ontario, BC, Sask)

First Nations Party (Strong in Northern Sask, NWT, Nunavut, Northern Ontario, Labrador, Yukon, Northern BC)

Ontario Bloc (Strong in Rural Ontario)

Newfoundland and Labrador Party (NFLP)

American Party (Very strong near the US Border, in BC, Yukon and Southern Québec)

Republican Party

United Farmers

I can do the ridings if you want! :D

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These are suggestions for logos for each party (I didn't make those, so we must have the okay from the author, which is Saskguy I think)

National Unity Coalition:


Parti des Francophones:

Not sure, something like a PDF with maybe the fleur de lys and a star to represents Acadiens.

Western Bloc:


Canadian National Party:


American Party:


United Farmers:


Republican Party:


American Party:


Ontario Bloc:


First Nations Party:

Not sure!

Newfoundland and Labrador Party:

Not sure!

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I only have one thought

What you are talking about represents massive changes and a lot of work in constructing such a scenario if it is going to be done well. There is a big risk in that you will just not get around to finishing it. So I would develop it gradually;

Take part of the changes you propose, do them, play the game yourself to make sure that the game 'plays well'. Upload. Wait for feedback. Then if you are still motivated to do more, develop the scenario more or create variants to your initial scenario.

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